what can you grow in a square foot garden?

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We have created a ‘Square Foot Garden’ section on our site which contains an ever expanding selection of plans to fit our raised bed range but can also be used in any beds providing they can be broken down into square feet 👍 Each square foot section in a raised bed will contain a certain amount of each crop depending on the size of the vegetable and how close they can be planted 😁 Our hope is that our planting plans will provide an easy way in to vegetable growing for the beginner gardener and maybe some inspiration for the more seasoned grower 🙌 Our plans can be printed as pdfs for easy printing. They also include a key and an explanation guide. These vegetable plants are able to thrive in the UK’s climate. [1]
You can see that each square foot has a different amount of each. Crop depending on the size of the vegetable and how close they can be planted. We think the SFG original concept is excellent, but many of its components are flawed. Planting distances are too tight to grow These vegetables can be quite impressive. You can still grow certain crops within the suggested spacing. But if you are looking for really vibrant and healthy vegetables and fruits, then you might be disappointed. This is why we created New Square Foot Garden Plans with more room for the plants to grow. [2]
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Impressive page taken from This shows that many people only focus on their hardiness zones. It’s indeed useful to know, but your zone only helps you figure out what plants are suitable to grow in your area. This interactive zone finder tool from USDA will help you determine your zone.United States Department of Agriculture): The zones are determined by the minimum annual winter temperature. Each 10 degree Fahrenheit change in the zone is marked with a separate map. It’s based on data from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. When choosing plants from a nursery, or from a seed catalog, zones are crucial (edited Janice Collins of Yibin in China on October 29, 2020). [3]
The best thing about gardening is the planning of what to grow. If you aren’t sure where to start with fruit and veg I recommend you grow things that you and your family like to eat, as well as produce that isn’t readily available in the supermarket (see my growing guide for beginners at the end of this article). I can only get purple beetroot in the shops, so I love growing the golden colored ones in my plot – it is gorgeous roasted in the oven and tossed together with rocket leaves for a winter salad. [4]
This method is impressive, and I want to start by saying that it’s far more complicated than any one of my blog posts could. I will cover the basics here but I HIGHLY recommend getting the book “All New Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew & the Square Foot Gardening Foundation. There have been a number of different editions released over the years. Each has new information or methods to enhance your square foot garden. Mel created the system in the 70s and the foundation has been carrying on his good work Since his death in 2016, These guys are truly experts in Square Foot Gardening. Ruel Helm (Jianyang, China), last modified 31 days ago [5]

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