[Solved] What Causes Heat In Chinese Medicine?

Although your pores do a good job at helping you to release excess heat during the summer, they can also let other external pathogens into your body, causing imbalances 😊 For example, let’s say you walk to work for 30 minutes in 90-degree heat 👍 Your body is sweating profusely by the time your arrive at work. Then, you decide to locate the closest air conditioner. You stand there for fifteen minutes and allow the cold air to blow onto your neck. Then, you drink a large glass of ice cold water. It rains later that night, so you walk back home in the drizzle and heat. Do any of these summer scenarios sound familiar to you? Each of these common summer scenarios can allow for external pathogens into the body.
When we refer to the aetiology for Heat we mean full heat (or wind-heat), and not empty heat. The reason for this is that Empty Heat results from Yin insufficient, and the aetiological causes of Yin insufficient eventually cause Empty Heat. My experience is that overwork leads to Yin deficiencies. Mean excessive physical work but ‘overwork’ in the sense of working long hours without adequate rest, leaving home in the early morning and returning in the late evening for years on end. These life habits are often combined with stressful work situations (or commutes) or irregular eating. These factors all contribute to the depletion of Yin in the Stomach and Liver, as well as the Kidneys. Deficiency of Yin can eventually lead to empty heat.
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According to Yen Choo, I would like also to point out that generally Chinese books and doctors overstate the frequency of Damp-Heat and always talk about Damp-Heat, seldom of “Dampness”. China’s example is that every problem with the urinary system can be attributed to Damp Heat. In contrast, there are many problems in China where Damp Heat is the main cause. We also have a lot problems with Qi stagnation and Qi sinking, which causes a lot less problems. Gall-Bladder Damp-Heat will be the cause of any Gall-Bladder issue. In contrast, we often see patients in West with Gall-Bladder issues and Dampness, but no Heat. Dampness is discussed in relation to Heat as it’s a very common factor that can cause many symptoms and conditions. Madiha Garland’s insights are greatly appreciated.
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Based on an article by giovanni-maciocia.comYin lacks coating on the tongue. This indicates Yin insufficiency. A tongue that isn’t coated but has a normal colourr body tells you it. As Yin deficiencies get worse, Empty Heat can develop. This makes the tongue turn red. One often hears that “in Yin deficiency the tongue is red” (a statement that is tempting to make since “in Yang deficiency the tongue is pale”). The truth is that in Yin deficiencies, the tongue has no coating. But in Empty Heat it does have a covering and the tongue becomes red. Leeah Baker, Genoa, Italy (last updated 48 days ago)
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