[Solved] What Color Roof Goes Best With Red Brick?

Homes with red brick are beautiful 🔥 It’s a timeless design that’s classy, durable, low maintenance and gives a home a rich look 😊 And it works on a wide variety of styles ranging from beach houses to country cottages and ultra modern custom homes. But as good looking as brick is, you still have to get all the other exterior finishes right too. And one of the biggest ones to consider are the roofing materials. They come in a variety of colors and some are much better looking with red brick than others. So which colourr roof do you choose? In this article you’ll find out. [1]
When you pick your roof colourr, select one that enhances the brick’s beauty and draws the eye up towards details like gables and dormers. Your exterior brick’s colourr pigments or casts should also guide you towards selecting the right roofing colourr. Your home’s architectural style and other permanent exterior features (foundation, landscaping, trims, and even your neighbourr’s house) should match the roofing colourr and style, as well. Consider how the Sun will affect the roof colourr — before choosing a roof tile, always view a sample tile in full sunlight. The best roof colourr for a brick house considers all aspects of the home’s exterior design and surrounding landscape. [2]
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As reported by the industry experts from iko.com, 12. What’s your home’s architectural style? Always select a shingle colourr that complements yet contrasts with your home’s exterior elements, no matter what style of home you have. If everything matches, the overall look will be bland and boring.Victorian, Queen Anne, Colonial, Plantation and other historical homes look best in traditional colors. Choose dark grey or black, either in solid colors or varying shades to mimic the look of natural slate tiles or brown, to evoke the look of genuine wood shake construction. Dark green or blue might work well too, depending on the colourr of your current siding and facing. [3]