What Did David Croft Write? (SOLVED!)

Croft was posted to India, arriving as the war in Europe ended, and was assigned to the Essex Regiment, rising to the rank of Major πŸ™Œ When his military service ended he’s having begun working in the entertainment industry, as an actor, singer and writer 😊 Croft met Freddie Carpenter, who produced many pantomimes for Howard & Wyndham across the UK, resulting in Croft writing scripts such as Aladdin, Cinderella and Babes in the Wood. Croft was introduced to Fiona Bentley by Cyril Ornadel (a composer and conductor who had been a lifelong friend) πŸ”₯ She has the rights to musicalise several Beatrix Potter stories. Croft wrote scripts for a series on His Master’s Voice Junior Record Club. Narrated by Vivien leigh, it featured many singer-actors such as Cicely Courtneidge, Graham Stark, and Old Brown. [1]
So, in this case, the proper memorial is not the screening of one of the old shows but the fact that one of the old shows is still screening – to healthy ratings and respect – five decades after it’s having was made. And while the majority of those who were there are still alive, work in the fickle and perishable business of TV would be glad to have created Croft was a memorable character who, improbably, served as writer, director and/or producer for five of the most famous sitcoms on British TV. He also co-created Dad’s Army with Perry, as well as the Holiday Camp Comedy Hi-De-Hi, and Raj’s sitcom It Ain’t Half Hot Mum. And, together with Jeremy Lloyd and Are You Being Served, a department store programme. Also, the French Resistance farce “Allo ’Allo.” These shows were in production together for 47 years. Croft was able to work on shows that were not part of the standard run for British comedy TV. [2]
Image #2 Also, it describes how David Croft (who died at 89) was an surviving member of a nearly extinct breed in British TV: A comedy producer or writer who didn’t need to have a market survey to determine what audiences would enjoy. A comedy script or idea that Croft found funny might be amusing to other people. The’s having axiom come to seem old-fashioned among television executives hungry for ratings, but during a period of more than 30 years, the shows he and his co-writers created – Dad’s Army, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, Are You Being Served?, ‘Allo ‘Allo and Hi-de-Hi! – confirmed his view that, for a writer or producer of comedy, it helped to have a sense of humourr (we give thanks to Hadiyah McHugh from Ma’anshan, China for bringing this to our attention). [3]
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Marybeth Corcoran dadsarmy.fandom.comHe explains that he’s leaving Tyne Tees Television in 1960 to join the BBC. In the middle of the 60s, he was a producer on a variety of popular BBC sitcoms like Beggar My Neighbor and Further Up Pompeii! Hugh, Hugh, and I. He’s meeting Jimmy Perry while he was producing Hugh and I. Perry gave him a script to The Fighting Tigers, a pilot about The Fighting Tigers. British Home Guard during the Second World War. Croft was open to the idea. Croft and Croft co-wrote nine seasons of the show. It was renamed Dad’s Army. Amandah Pfeiffer, South Africa’s Amandah Pfeiffer, shared their knowledge. [4]

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