What Did Edwardian Ladies Wear? [9 ANSWERS FOUND]

The S-silhouette is best demonstrated in the exaggerated portrayal of the era’s ideal woman, The Gibson Girl 🙌 You can see a how idealized it was on a 1900 cover of Good Housekeeping here 🔥 In order to achieve this look, the corset was altered to help exaggerate the bust and push the hips back, emphasizing both, whereas the’s having corset had previously been designed to emphasise the fullness of the skirt by diminishing the size of a woman’s hips 🤓 This look was easily seen in the “casual” daywear worn by women to run errands, attend social gatherings, or pay visits. Ironically, the next fashion craze to hit the silhouette would be the shapeless gowns that led to the end of the corset’s daily use, never to return for daily use. [1]
Answer: From 1901 to 1910, the Edwardian period refers to England’s reign of King Edward VII. La Belle Epoque describes the period 1871-1914. La Belle Epoque also refers to the Gilded Age. This period was characterized by optimism in the west. Peace and prosperity reigned in the west. This was the era of electric lights, neon lighting, moving pictures and medical advancements like understanding germs and their working. There were many changes in the world of art, including new styles and musical instruments, as well as innovations in fine and decorative arts. [2]
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Based around an Article from tudorlinks.comWhen Queen Victoria passed away in 1901, an age, a century, and a whole reign were gone. Edward VII, Queen Victoria’s son, would name an era of unprecedented luxury and opulence. Art Nouveau emerged as a new type of ornament with its flowing designs. Organic formsThese traits were also reflected in the elegant curves and sculpted body of the Edwardian Lady. Lady, mature, well-bred and sophisticated, was still the height of fashion. However, the average woman was beginning to see the benefits of fashion, a hope that had only been realized in the past decade. Even the Edwardian style’s flowing lines were actually rooted in Victorian times. These eras are often referred to as Edwardian or Victorian. However, stylistically the lines between these two eras blur. The 1890s and the early 1900s seamlessly merge in an age full of extravagant style and excess, appropriately called la Belle Epoque. They lasted approximately 1890-1894. It was already in decline when 1914 brought about the Great War. Fashion enjoyed elegance in its final true age until the 1900s. This was during what can only be described as a long Edwardian summer. Misty Dailey, Tel Aviv (Israel) last updated this 7 weeks ago [3]
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An extremely wealthy woman will have several outfits to choose from for every occasion. A woman would have many options for clothing, including underwear, day and evening dresses, walking and cycling clothes, outfits to motor in, outfits for driving, and even night gowns (e.g. A gown for an event at the theater would look different from one used for home dining), and ball and special occasion gowns such as Ascot and wedding gowns. Accessory items include gloves, handkerchiefs as well bags and slender umbrellas or walking sticks. A coat would not fit well over the bustle of the dress, therefore the mantle (a loose cloak-coat) was worn with it. [4]
Image #4 The Edwardian Era’s outdoor dressing was different than other kinds of clothing. For outdoor activities, tailored clothes were preferable. This was the era of shirtwaists, which were a popular choice. It was composed of a bodice which was somewhat like a man’s shirt with high collars. It was immediately a success with working women. Another outdoor dress was the ankle-length skirt, worn with matching jackets or fox furs. A new generation of hats emerged in this time. Two of the most popular hats at the time were the automobile bonnet that was used while riding and the sailors cap, which was worn for playing tennis and other outdoor activities. Watson Broussard, December 13, 2021. [5]

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