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[Resolved] What Did Henry Stanley Do?

If self-control is partly a hereditary trait—which seems likely—then Stanley began life with the odds against him 😎 He was born in Wales to an unmarried 18-year-old woman who went on to have four other illegitimate children by at least two other men 😎 He’s having never known his father 🔥 He was five years old when his mother left him for her father. The boy’s grandmother took care of him until his death. Another family took him in briefly, but then one of the boy’s new guardians took him to a workhouse. The adult Stanley would never forget how, in the moment his deceitful guardian fled and the door slammed shut, he “experienced for the first time the awful feeling of utter desolateness.” [1]
In October 1869, James Gordon Bennett Jr., the vehemently anti-British, hard-drinking 28-year-old editor of the New York Herald, saw this tension as a means to boost the paper’s already astronomical circulation of 60,000 copies a day. He hoped to capitalize on the mystery and fame surrounding Dr. David Livingstone (a British explorer who was missing for over four years in Africa), and he succeeded. Although Livingstone’s achievements charting the unknown African continent had galvanized Britain, his government had been apathetic about rescuing him. Bennett believed that Americans would be able to do the same as British. From a hotel room in Paris, he ordered Henry Morton Stanley, a newcomer to the Herald, to lead an expedition into the African wilderness to find the explorer, or “bring back all possible proofs of his being dead.” What Bennett did not know was that this brash cigar-smoking 28-year-old reporter—who had fought for both the blue and the gray in the Civil War—was as British as Livingstone. (Erected by Jeremy Carter of Ryazan in Russia on November 28, 2021). [2]
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It was Stanley’s third and last great African adventure of 1887-89 that was the subject of much controversy, when one member of the’s having expedition bought an 11-year-old native girl for the price of a few handkerchiefs. James Jameson was the heir of an Irish whisky empire and gifted the girl for a group of cannibals. He could then watch the dismemberment, cooking, and eating, as well as record the event in his sketch book. Stanley became agitated and sick when he’s finding out the truth. Jameson was already dead from fever. He’s had saying said of Jameson that he may not have been “originally wicked”, however Africa and its horrors had dehumanised him. [3]
Image #3 He also mentions that henry Morton Stanley was born in Denbigh, northern Wales, in 1841. His parents were not married, and his mother, a teenager named Elizabeth Parry, abandoned him to his father’s care shortly after his birth. His father’s name was John Rowlands, and that became his name as well. John senior, an alcoholic died at the age of two. Years old. While his paternal grandfather was not interested in him, and his mother had already moved to London at that point, he was transferred into the custody of her family. Initial his. Mother’s fatherMoses Parry, a butcher, took care of him. John, who was just five years old, lost Moses. He was then taken to the Workhouse where he was bullied and beat and even sexually assaulted. When he was fifteen, he’s runing away to become an assistant teacher in school. He’s then going to Liverpool with his aunt. Then he’s leaving his homeland and his name behind and moved to the New World. [4]
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