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What Did Islanders Get For Tavares? [SOLVED]

There’s been a lot of digital ink spilled over whether Islanders fans were right or wrong to boo John Tavares in merciless fashion in the wake of his return back to Long Island 🙈 “John Tavares gave nine years to that franchise, how dare they boo him,” seemed to be the general feeling 👍 Even everyone’s favourite moral compass, Sean Avery, the guy so loved in the NHL he basically has no friends left from his entire hockey career, the guy who taunted homeless people, spoke up, saying that Tavares didn’t deserve to be booed because “he was a good captain and never got arrested 🤓” Okaaaay then. However, did Tavares merit the fury from Isles fans. It all depends on how you look at it. [1]
Tavares’s trusty notebook was there, and it’s having gotten a workout. Aryne also attended all meetings. Some teams stated that their research had led them to believe she should be part of the pitch. Tavares wanted Tavares to show her everything so that she’s understandingnding his decisions. “I just wentgone through that with my own hiring, having my wife (Shannon) as an important sounding board,” Dubas says. “I knewnown how important that element was. Aryne and my wife are vocal. It would impact John even though John is in a more critical situation than mine. Wherever they were going, they were both coming in together.” [2]
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Tavares described it as “a great day.” “You can ask my fiancée just the amount of times I walked up and down the pool at my house, just trying to get a sense of what I wanted to do and the path I wanted to take. This opportunity seemed so unique to me. The timing of where this organisation is at, where the team’s at, obviously the connection of being from here … I believe that this team has got such a great opportunity, and not just for the first few years of my contract. It was seven years of believing that this team had a chance to win, be part in something extraordinary, and you can feel those feelings coming. The whole thing felt just right. Everything from the meeting to my feelings in the following days to what it has become, I had felt right. It was exactly what I wanted. [3]
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Captain John Tavares is signed by the Islanders to an $82 million, eight-year contract. Long Island fans finally feel the relief, with their longest-serving franchise player signing on as the Islanders’ long-time star. This is the first time that Barry Trotz and Lou Lamoriello have been promoting to him since they arrived. Tavares states his excitement in re-joining the team he was drafted first overall by in 2009 with a short answer along the lines of “Long Island is home.” Tavares also emphasized his enjoyment of playing Mathew Barzal was just awarded the Calder Trophy. The Islanders don’t sign Leo Komarov or Valterri Filppula as free agents. Instead, Brock Nelson would take over the third-line centre position. They would still acquire Matt Martin to reunite the top fourth line of hockey. The Islanders would not sign any other insane free agents, however they still retain Robin Lehner and Tom Kuhnhackl due to their team-friendly agreements. Eugene Carter, Cabimas (Venezuela), revised this text on March 11, 2020. [4]

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