what did they do to tyler in 13 reasons why?

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Tyler goes through ups and downs in the second season, he seems to have become stronger and healthier, but still gets pushed aside by the group who don’t see him as a friend he makes friends with Cyrus 😎 He goes on a date with his crush, Mackenzie, and they begin dating, but eventually break up 😉 Cyrus and Tyler have a tight but troublesome friendship and they take their hatred for the school bullies out on the school by various things, most notably: vandalizing the football field with the word “Rapists”. Cyrus is suspended for his misbehavior and Tyler enters a program to manage his anger. He returns home feeling incredibly content and healthier. His glowing happiness comes to an abrupt halt when Montgomery de la Cruz beats and rapes him in his boys’ bathroom. Monty goes overboard with his reckless actions and attempts at a “Bye” school shooting, attempting to murder everyone who had hurt him. Tyler convinces Clay Jensen that Clay Jensen is not a friend he had previously considered. [1]
With everything going on — including the Baker family’s lawsuit against the school, but more immediately, the vandalism — it’s decided that the Liberty High will suspend its sports program. Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos), Tyler’s bully, doesn’t agree with this decision. Monty is determined to take revenge on Tyler. But Bryce (Justin Prentice), advises against this. This is a remarkable decision considering that it is Bryce, who isn’t interested in doing something wrong (he’s the epitome if bad). Bryce breaks off his friendship with Monty. This pushes Monty further. Soon afterward, Monty sexually and brutally assaults Tyler. (Last emended by Haydee McManus, Cherthala in India 55 days ago) [2]
Image #2 This article provides more information. We have spoilers for 13 Reasons Why Season 3’s finale. Tyler Down has experienced a lot. Tyler Down, like all 13 Reasons Why characters has been through a lot. He went from one of Hannah’s selfish and toxic individuals to becoming a thoughtful and fully formed person. Although Season 2 saw Tyler brutally sexually assaulted and determined to carry out a school shooting, Season 3 featured him finally getting closure and healing after what happened He is very grateful. Tyler is now in a better place than ever, which makes Season 3 so shocking. We are left to wonder what Tyler will do in Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why. We are grateful to Devyn Akins, San Miguel De Tucuman in Argentina for his answer. [3]
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Tyler forms a friendship with Cyrus in season 2. Tyler sometimes acts as Clay’s accomplice, pranking Marcus Cole and setting up Ryan Shaver fake dates for lying at court. Tyler’s photos show Cyrus vandalizing Tyler’s school baseball ground. Monty is so furious that Tyler assaults him, leaving Tyler mentally and physically scarred. Tyler’s vengeance and misanthropy grows as he plans to murder the school’s prom, but Clay prevents him. For their revisions, we are thankful to Mikita Quick of Linyi Shandong in China. [4]
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