What Do You Bring To A Diaper For A Baby Shower? (SOLVED!)

It’s typical that the father-to-be’s family or friends plan his diaper party 🙈 Often times a diaper party will be held on the same day as the baby shower and sometimes people combine the two 😊 Like a baby shower, it’s common etiquette not to plan your own party. To some, it’s considered tacky to throw your own diaper party or baby shower. But if we’re being realistic, you could throw your own party and make gifts optional. fter all, it’s a celebration of the baby and the new parents. Gifts or no gifts, everybody likes to have a good time and who doesn’t get excited about the arrival of a new baby? [1]
A baby shower You are usually restricted to hosting the party after the baby is born. However, a diaper party is a great option because you can have it after the baby’s birth. It is possible to make the party an all-ages event, rather than just inviting adult mothers for a baby shower. You can skip the invitation, games, thank-you cards, registry and party favors for a diaper or wipes party. Diaper and wipes parties are less expensive, more stress-free and allow you to have much more fun than traditional baby showers. [2]
Image #2 goes on to explain that everyone is probably guilty of this one *raises hand* and this one comes with a bit of a caveat, you can choose something NOT on the registry if you’ve selected at least one item from it already. Even first and second time moms research. You do a lot of research on the best stroller and car seats to purchase, as well as sippy cups. They also invest a lot of time into creating the perfect baby registry, so you’re doing your mommy-friend-to-be a disservice by not following what she’s asked for. This is where the caveat comes in if you choose something off her registry like the bottle warmer she requested and just can’t help but buy her a really cute baby shower gift like a onesie that says “World’s Best Aunt,” go for it! Because you’re helping her check something off her list. For the tip-off, we are truly grateful to Olan Alford of Zaria (Nigeria) [3]
When planning a diaper shower as opposed to a traditional baby shower, it’s a good idea to ascertain what types of diapers the mom will likely use. It doesn’t make sense for everyone to bring disposable diapers if the expectant mother is planning on using cloth. Moreover, if the mother will be relying on a diaper service, it really isn’t worthwhile to give gifts like cloth diapers. Instead of buying diapers for their mother, they might want to buy months. Because it doesn’t require the mother to clean diapers, this can make an excellent gift. Walter C., Misratah in Libya, August 30, 2020 – Modified by Walter C. [4]

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