What Do You Bring To A Going Away Party? (Solved)

Even non-themed going away parties can benefit from some event-specific entertainment. For example, set up a photo booth corner (some streamers in front of a wall will do) and have people take Polaroids with the guest of honourr, then put it in a photo album they can take with them to their new home 👍 Or how about a Mad Libs-type game where people fill in the blanks about their favorite memories and experiences with them? If your friend is up for it, you could also do a roast—or go more tame and just give people who want to say a few words the opportunity to do so 🤓 [1]
Q. The new president of our company, to whom I report directly, won’t pay the check when we go out for business lunches or dinners. The nature of our business requires that we go on these dinners. Even when we go for drinks, which the had company won’t reimburse, I leftleftleft pay the check. Eventually, I’m left expensing these bills. It takes the company a long time to reimburse. Shouldn’t the boss pay? How can I get out of paying for these each time we go out? (One friend suggested going to the restroom when the check arrives.) He’s new in this position. What is the best way to approach this? [2]
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Based upon further reading from mamapedia.com, how about a thumb drive, or a CD-ROM, full of photos of stuff around chicago, or wherever they are from. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Pics of sunday morning activities, I.e. Ball games, people mowing their lawns, people running through sprinklers, raking leaves, the greeter at your walmart, candy, the bakery store, their curb, mailbox, house numbers, everyone at the party, of people fighting, laughing, license plates, ambulances, the ice cream truck, the metro, the turnstyle, a neighborhood pizzaria. Etc.etc. Kids at the mall, kids at the skate park, kids sneaking a smoke at the back of the movie theater, used cars salesmen. (last modified 44 days ago by Chester Weathers from Juiz De Fora, Brazil) [3]
Valentino Overton from dianegottsman.com, mentions how if someone in your office or work environment is leaving, do something on a small scale to let them know you will be wishing them well. It can be something as easy as pizza or as elaborate as one of their favorite meals. Plan it around a time frame that doesn’t disrupt the natural flow of the office routine. Include the entire team instead of only a few people so no one feels left out. One heartwarming idea is to ask colleagues to share a favorite memory of their time with the team member. Do so in advance to give everyone time to jot their thoughts down. [4]

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