what do you use lemon grass for?

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Always cut the bulb at the base of fresh lemongrass and take out any outer leaves. The main stalk (the yellow section) is what is used in Thai cooking 😁 From here, you have two options 🔥 You can cut the yellow stalk into 2- to 3-inch lengths and then “bruise” these sections by bending them several times 🤓 You can also make superficial cuts with your knife along these sections to help release lemon flavoursrr. These stalks can be added to soups or curries. Serve the soup or curry with lemongrass pieces removed. [1]
Lemongrass is a lovely, citrus scented herb in the grass family – it has a very pleasing lemon scent, and cooking with it offers none of the bitterness of the actual lemon, so it’s versatile in sweet or savoury dishes, spicy or mild. But do you find yourself with lots of lemongrass and don’t know what to do with it? Well, you’re not alone, especially if you grow it and have a big patch in your garden. I started mine in September, 2016 with two stalks (see top pic of the stalks in the middle of the raised bed); two years later (lower pic) after transplanting, it’s approaching two feet across! Thankfully, it grows well here in southwest Florida due to plenty of sun and well-drained soil 🙂 (last emended 2 days ago by Chadley Kumar from Chengdu, China) [2]
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These experts are from Additional information is available. Lemongrass stalks can measure up to a foot in length, but almost all the flavoringsrr are found within the lower 5 inches of the stalk. Cut off the thicker top part of the stalk as well as the woody base to get those flavoursrr. Next, peel off the thicker outer layers of stalk to reach the tender portion. These scraps can be used to make a relaxing herbal tea. Boil the leaves in water for 5 minutes. Strain. Even after peeling, lemongrass is quite fibrous, and it’s best to either use it whole to infuse flavoursrr and then remove it, or chop it very finely. Use a sharp knife to cut it thinly first. We are grateful to Zvi Alonzo, Bouake (Ivory Coast) for the recent revision. [3]
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Additional reading at, 10. Lemongrass can make a great flea repelling dog rinse. You should never feed your pet lemongrass. Dog large quantities of lemongrass as it can lead to issues just like any other grass it is fairly safe to use around – on you dog. Double-check this with your vet. To do this, boil some lemongrass and add a cup of water to it. Let the lemongrass steep for a while until the water cools to your touch. You can use this mixture to rinse your dog after you wash it. The lemongrass rinse not only smells amazing, it repels insects for a few more days. [4]
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