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Although the tasks they perform can vary from state to state, most counties have a courthouse that houses county officials, such as the sheriff, the county clerk, the assessor, the treasurer, the coroner, and the engineer 🙈 These officials carry out a variety of important functions and oversee the responsibilities of running a county government 🔥 For instance, the county coroner investigates the cause of death when suspicious circumstances are present. The county clerk is responsible for certifying the elections results and overseeing the registration of voters. This officeholder also keeps official marriage, birth and death records. While the county treasurer is responsible for the collection and distribution within the county of the funds, the county assessor does the actual accounting. property tax Individual citizens and business owners are informed about their rights to challenge the appraisal value of their property. A county engineer oversees the construction and maintenance of county infrastructure. [1]
Like cities, the county commissioners are able to supervise all county funds in general (RCW36.32.120(6)). However, cases have shown that county commissioners can grant broad authority to their respective departments. This includes the power to execute contracts within budget limits without approval from the board. (See State ex rel. Taylor v. Superior Court in King County (1940), Miller v. Pacific County (1973). There are purchasing policies that counties can adopt, which include control measures such as thresholds to get board approval. For example, Clallam county’s Purchasing, Bids and Contracts Policy, Section 4.1. This requires approval from the board for all contracts exceeding $50,000 per calendar year and for most $25,000-per-year contracts that span more than one calendar year. Charlett Dunbar modified the above on October 22, 2021 [2]
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Additional reading at nlc.orgRecent examinations of the structure of government have shown that this type of government is less distinctive than it once was. This is due, in part, to the common practice of incorporating structural features from other forms into one’s current form. Local responses to demographic and socioeconomic factors can also cause this mixing. political changes. Most common mix is between two of the most commonly used forms: mayor-council or council-manager. Most cities that propose changes to the structure of their government are proposing to increase the role of the chief administration officer or city manager. Voters also approved of this formalization of the government’s administration. Among other proposed changes, 50% or more respondents of ICMA’s 2006 survey reported voter approval to increase or decrease the number of council members, to modify the method of electing the mayor and to decrease the power or authority of the mayor. [3]
Kortney Helm reports at people.howstuffworks.comConsider, for example, what happens if one area of a city is flooded and the other part remains dry and high. The aldermen get to decide where the money goes when it comes from both state and local authorities. For as many relief options as possible, the alderman from the ward that has the highest flooding rate will advocate. Other aldermen might see the need and try to help him. The city may lose tax revenue, increase crime, and face other issues in the area if aldermen take a bite out of the pot without taking into account long-term goals. This could lead to problems in other wards. To run a successful city, the council must balance the needs in each ward and the overall community. Marybeth Dohue revised the above on July 23, 2020. [4]

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