What Does A High Lactate Threshold Mean? [2 ANSWERS FOUND]

Because it is a measure of fitness, this can be a good way to gauge your health. If we consider the entire body to be a machine, then the muscle group is the engine. Just like a car engine, the muscles require a constant delivery of fuel (carbs and fats) and oxygen (to aid in “burning” the fuel) 😉 One of the functions of blood is to transport the fuel and oxygen to the muscles 🙈 As a fuel pump the heart sends oxygen and nutrients rich blood to tissues through arteries 🤓 It also brings back metabolic wastes and CO2 via veins. As you can see, there are many components to the system’s operation. The equation to calculate V02 maximum reflects this. [1]
Coaches and athletes around the globe use lactate threshold as their most common training term. There is much debate about what lactate threshold actually means and what the intensity of exercise that triggers it. Commonly, the lactate threshold refers to the blood level of lactate at the point where we cannot sustain an intense effort for any length of time. This is the point of contention: How long is this period? At what level is blood lactate? Is it possible to maintain this exercise intensity for as long as we want before giving up? Lyndsi Mahan, Arequipa (Peru) last updated this 10 days ago [2]
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You can have your RSLT measured in an exercise physiology lab. An extensive printout would be available of the blood lactate readings taken at different speeds. You might also have the opportunity to chat with an exercise professional about what these data points mean. The procedure is expensive and time-consuming. Your test will be done on a treadmill with no guarantee that the lactate profile you obtained on Mother Earth would match yours. It would be possible to also need to perform the test several times over the course of a season, as your fitness changes, and that means having lots of bucks and—hopefully—living not too far from a hospitable exercise physiology laboratory. Christine Jackson, Shangqiu (China) on July 7, 2020. [3]
Image #3 This site provides additional information. Lactate, or lactic acid as it is commonly known, gets a bad rap thanks to some faulty science from the 1970’s. Lactate, which is also a cause of the deaths at the end-of-races, can actually be used to generate energy. The body uses glucose to produce energy, and lactate is a side effect of that process. Easy running will allow your body to convert and recycle this lactate back into energy. It also efficiently eliminates any waste. Therefore, the production of lactate will remain relatively constant while running at an easy aerobic pace, which doesn’t require a huge demand for energy. [4]

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