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What Does Atrazine Do To Humans? [4 ANSWERS FOUND]

Fish and amphibians are most vulnerable 😁 A growing body of research shows that atrazine exposure–even to trace levels of the herbicide–can adversely impact a number of species πŸ™Œ Tyrone Hayes and other scientists have conducted research to show that exposing frogs to as little as 0 πŸ™Œ1 parts per billion can cause severe health effects, including a kind of chemical castration. Fish and amphibian growth and behaviorcan be affected by atrazine-contaminated surface water. It is also believed to affect immune function, gonadal and reproductive development. Hayes found recently that 10% of the male frogs raised in atrazine-laced water became females. Strikingly, the level of atrazine used in the study β€” 2.5 ppb β€” is less than the EPA limit for drinking water contamination. [1]
Female rats were fed moderate amounts of 100mg/kg atrazine daily for the final week of their pregnancy. They reached puberty earlier than they expected. The dose of 20 mg/kg/day did not result in this. After four days of low intakes at 3.12 mg/kg, female rats experienced disruptions in their reproductive cycles. The same thing happened to rats that were fed 3.65 mg/kg daily for six months. However, this did not harm pregnancies or change the female rats’ fertility. The young males who were fed low doses (12.5 mg/kg) of atrazine per day for less than 20 days experienced a delay in puberty.5 (Thanks to Mychael Elder and his insight). [2]
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Remember that POISON is made up of DOSE and POISON. You don’t want to stop using something you love and need just because it is poisonous. Because they are not toxic in normal consumption, even the most toxic substances on the list would be safe. One example is caffeine, which can cause death in 100 cups of strong espresso. However, coffee drinkers are able to survive by not drinking more than 100 cups. One bottle of 100 tablets of adult aspirin could contain the same lethal amount. For a person of 150 lbs to be able to take a single cup of pure atrazine, they would need to consume one-quarter cup. Our bodies are equipped with defence mechanisms that detoxify any foreign substances we swallow. We could never accidentally inhale enough atrazine, as we can with aspirin and table salt. Elijah U. Revised this article. On June 27, 2020, Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic. [3] Also, he mentions that cell culture studies have suggested that there may be a biochemical reason for amphibian sexual organs. John P. Giesy (a Michigan State University professor of Zoology in East Lansing) and his collaborators found that atrazine increases the production of the enzyme Aromatase. This converts androgenhormones into oestrogen hormones. Hayes claims that atrazine can feminize male rodents through its ability to promote conversion from male hormones to feminine hormones. Lower androgens might cause problems in voice box development. However, higher estrogens could promote ovaries inside the testes. This was revised by Hasina Lee on March 13, 2021. [4]

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