[SOLVED!] What Does First Holy Communion Mean?

On the day of one’s First Communion, and whenever receiving communion thereafter, those partaking must, out of respect for the body and blood of Christ, observe another rule: At least one hour before reception of the sacrament, they must fast, which means they may not eat any food 😎 Taking water and medicine, however, are exceptions 🙌 After First Communion, young Catholics must attend church every Sunday, and they are encouraged to receive communion frequently, even weekly 🔥 Persons who have missed Sunday mass for any reason, or have committed mortal sins must go to confession in order to receive communion again. Most Catholics make confession at least once every year. Usually, it is during Lent. [1]
Karen Kane is the director of archdiocesan Worship Office. Says her office often addresses with parents that seems to distract them from the sacrament itself is “the desire on their part to ‘involve’ the children more in the Mass, for example singing a song after Communion or serving as lectors. In our diocesan sacramental guidelines (spelled out in the document Sacraments for Young People), and from a Worship Office point of view, we strongly discourage these types of practices,” she’s sayingying. “The reception of Holy Communion should be the focus and should be where parents and catechists spent their time and energy in preparing the children. The most important thing is to help children comprehend what it means to accept the body and blood Christ. That’s the focus.” (last emended 90 days ago by Kanetha Buckner from Abomey Calavi, Benin) [2]
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Seven Sacraments are vital for our salvation and the fulfillment of Christ’s will. Of these seven, there are three important Sacraments that initiate an individual and welcome him or her into the family of Christ – Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation. Baptism forms the base of the Sacrament Of Initiation and is a way to be free from the original sin. Confirmation is the second Sacrament of initiation and is a ritual that signifies strengthening of one’s faith. The third Sacrament of Initiation is Communion. Here, Catholics receive the Body and Blood Christ’s to commemorate his death. These three Sacraments serve to confirm, strengthen, and increase one’s faith and closeness with the community of Christ. Last modified by Georgie Rector, Daye (China) 9 weeks ago [3]
Why? Girls wear white First Communion dresses The reason the boys don’t wear suits to this holy occasion is that it celebrates Christ’s Body becoming flesh. Children become more conscious of their faith during this sacred sacrament. While Catholic baptism is a time when children can be accepted into the Catholic community, their First Holy Communion is where they begin to make a conscious effort in love and faith. As in western culture and the Catholic church, there is a similarity between a Catholic child’s First Holy Communion and baptized Catholic children. Bride wears A white wedding dress was worn by her. First Holy Communion gowns are white because they symbolize purity of the heart. This information was provided by Kei Mahan. [4]

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