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The insults and indignities that black residents of Virginia, and black employees of NASA, unremittingly endured are integral to the drama 🤓 Those segregationist rules and norms—and the personal attitudes and actions that sustained them—are unfolded with a clear, forceful, analytical, and unstinting specificity 🙌 The efforts of black Virginians to cope with relentless ambient racism and, where possible, to point it out, resist it, overcome it, and even defeat it are the focus of the drama 👍 “Hidden Figures” is a film of calm and bright rage at the way things were—an exemplary reproach to the very notion of political nostalgia. It depicts repugnant attitudes and practices of white supremacy that poisoned earlier generations’ achievements and that are inseparable from those achievements.
But there are still hidden figures pays tribute to its subjects by doing the opposite of what many biopics have done in the past—it looks closely The extraordinary person within the context of a group. Theodore Melfi (St. Vincent), directed the film and is based upon nonfiction book Margot Lee Herterly wrote the title. This film examines the individual strengths of each character and how they try to inspire others. They’re phenomenal at what they do, but they’re also generous with their time, their energy, and their patience in a way that feels humane, not saintly. Hidden Figures is more than a history lesson. It also features wonderful performances by Vaughan and Johnson. Thank you Collyn Pulido!
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Al Harrison (Kevin Costner) is the Space Task Group director. He demands that people work long hours and tells his women that a pearl necklace is the best accessory. Kirsten Dunst employs pearls, a Southern accent and plays the part of Mrs. Mitchell. This is Dorothy’s supervisor title. Katherine is constantly in conflict with Paul Stafford, the STG’s repellent head engineer. While he understands that there are many errors, NASA will expel Katherine if any of them make errors. Mia M., Makhachkala Russia. Last modified 58 days ago
These women weren’t just doing something that no African-American women had done before, but something that no-one of any race or gender had done before. It was exciting for them to be at the forefront of technology and science. They’re doing all this with no calculators. They were called ‘computers’ – this was a time when a ‘computer’ was a job title then rather than an object on your desk. It’s amazing what these women were able to do with just data sheets. There’s more computing power in a toaster than what they’re have having to send people into space. This page was last edited on 5/14/2017 by Sameul lake from Cape Town, South Africa.
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