(SOLVED) What Does It Mean 5 1 Arm?

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A 5/1 ARM on the other hand will allow you to get your initial interest at a lower rate. Rate will be fixed For a five-year period. A 5/1 ARM’s initial rate is typically lower than a 30-year fixed mortgage rate. It is often referred to simply as a “teaser”. Your interest rate and monthly payment will change annually after the initial period of five years. This is based upon an index which is determined from some underlying rate, such as U.S. Treasury yields. The rate after five years will reflect the current index level. Any subsequent changes or increases will be determined only by the index. [2]
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Shakita Pritchett at bankrate.comThis article discusses our Mortgage Rate Tables. Bankrate has provided or obtained the above information about mortgage loans. A few lenders offer their mortgage loan Bankrate terms are provided to advertisers for marketing purposes. Bankrate is compensated by those advertisers (“our Advertisers”) Bankrate collects the terms of other lenders by doing its own research. Available mortgage loan terms and that information is displayed in our rate table for applicable criteria. The above table shows how an Advertiser listing is distinguished from others. It includes a button called “Next”, which can be clicked-through to the Advertiser’s site or phone number. Cornelio from Oslo, Norway, for sharing this information with us. [3]
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Additional content available It also shows the reason why Holden Lewis was chosen as a spokesperson and mortgage reporter for NerdWallet. He was previously a writer for Bankrate. There he’s writing about mortgages, real estate, and the housing boom/bust. Since 2001, he has been writing articles on mortgages. He enjoys explaining complicated topics to people who aren’t familiar with them. Buy houses Each day. Holden is the president of National Association of Real Estate Editors. He also has numerous writing awards. His time is split between Jupiter, Florida and Fort Worth. He renovates there. House where he had spent his high school years so he can move back You can be a Texan once again. Kaya Mohr (Nahik, India), last modified this 29-days ago [4]
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