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Prospective students are advised to be wary of diploma and accreditation mills 🔥 Diploma mills or degree mills award academic degrees with substandard, limited, or no academic study 🙌 Often these degrees are awarded on the basis of ‘life experience.’ While this may sound promising, the motivation is profit on the part of the degree mill. Although an accreditation mill may claim that they can award accreditation to a university, the institution is not authorised or recognized to do so. Furthermore, there are no quality standards or substandard accreditation. They are not recognised as legitimate accreditors by any type of agency that grants such recognition such as The Council for Higher Accreditation (US Department of Education) or Ministries of Education in other countries 😊
Programs seeking accreditation must first conduct self-study about how they are meeting the CACREP Standards. After completing the self-study process, each programme submits an extensive Self-study Report detailing its compliance with all standards. This document is then reviewed and, if necessary, an additional Self-study Report. Initial review process The peer review was conducted on the site visit. Ultimately, the CACREP Board of Directors reviews all of the accreditation documents, including the self-study, addendum to the self-study (if the programme developed one), the report from the site team, and the programme’s response to the team’s report. Following this, the Board makes an accreditation decision. A programme might need to submit additional reports to the CACREP Board depending on its decision. Midway through accreditation, all accredited programs must submit a report detailing any changes made since the initial review, in particular, faculty, curricula and operations. Programs must submit reports detailing substantive changes to the CACREP Board if there are significant changes before or following this point. Raya McManus (Pretoria, South Africa), last edited the text 5 days ago
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Tou Gomez cacrep.orgThe author explains that it’s important to differentiate between accreditation of programs or certification of individuals. These are two distinct processes, which are often referred to as one-and the same. Accreditation, on the one side, means that training programs have to meet certain minimum standards. A counselor education programme has to meet specific requirements to be recognized. These include the following: institutional settings, programme objectives, curriculum, practicum experience, counseling programme selection, faculty qualification and workload, programme governance as well as instructional support. Certification, on the other hand means that counselors have demonstrated minimum professional competence to work independently. To be qualified, counselors have to meet certain education requirements and receive training in counseling. Additionally, they need to follow the Code of Ethics and must demonstrate competence and ethics in their practise.
Porshia Mensfield, in addition to preparing you to sit for your state’s licensure exams (you can read more about that here), CACREP-accredited programs are held in extremely high regard in the counseling field. American Counseling Association states that accreditation is a key issue for the counseling profession. This includes licensure. Through formal recognition of education standards and training, licensure protects the public. Licensure is a strong signal of unity, consistency, credibility and unity. As counseling evolves and develops, ACA acknowledges that ACA-accredited programs provide a path to licensure.Elihu Lundy amended the above paragraph on February 1, 2020.
Today, there are many counseling programs available in America. We are learning more about each person’s psychological, developmental and emotional needs. Stage of their livesWe create counseling professions and specialties to support individuals who need assistance in completing certain tasks or to achieve certain academic, personal or professional milestones. Council for Higher Education Accreditation has recognized the CACREP certificate as a prestigious accreditation for counseling. Counseling programs from prestigious universities and colleges across the country recognise its merits. United StatesAs well as other locations around the globe, Ann Long, Meishan (China) modified the above text on 7/7/2021
Since 1981, the CACREP is an American Counseling Association recognized agency. CACREP, a neutral and highly skilled third-party accreditation body, reviews counseling education programs and determines if it is up to the requirements of the National Counseling Association. These standards centre around eight core areas within the discipline. The core areas are human growth, helping others, group counseling and social foundations. They also cover career development, professional issues, appraisal, research, and other matters. To ensure students receive the best speciality training, the review body will not only look at the standards specific to each discipline but also the clinical standards.
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