What Does It Mean To Begin With The End In Mind? [3 ANSWERS FOUND]

According to Dr πŸ‘ Stephen R πŸ™ˆ Covey, all things are created twice β€” first in the mind, and then in the real world πŸ€“ Physical creations follow mental ones, just like homes are built according to blueprints πŸ˜‰ To make your deepest desires a reality, you first need to see and understand what those desires are. To put it simply, you need to envision your future, whether it be in your career or in the form of a project. You will have greater control over your circumstances and life if you do this. [1]
We shared the ROAD acronym earlier this month. It stands for Responsibility, Outcomes. Action. Discipline. ROAD most definitely supports the starting with the end in mind habit and focusing on the Discipline element for now, it’s important that the daily disciplines you set are both realistic and achievable. The task of self-discipline can be difficult enough. (We all know how hard it is to eat one square of chocolate, rather than the entire thing!) It can also be dangerous to create unrealistic rules. You can think about the small things you can do instead of making huge and cumbersome resolutions that are impossible to keep on track. Last revised by Antoinette from Nakhon Pathom (Thailand) 9 weeks ago [2]
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Does that mean the PM must update every day on each active task? No, I don’t think so. It would be too much. The critical aspect of this is important tasks and the tasks that may be in danger of causing the project timeline or budget to slide – basically what’s hot right now and what’s at risk – need to be watched daily. These are tasks that must be monitored by the PM, delivery team and customer teams to ensure they are meeting the project’s goals and timeframe. [3]
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Further reading is available at, think about it – professional athletes visualize everything they do, before they do it. Ted Williams of Boston Red Sox, one of the most renowned hitters ever, practiced his swing every day in the mirror, always improving it. Athletes were children when they imagined being able to throw a touchdown in Super Bowl or hit a homerun in Game 7 in the World Series. Derek Jeter, the New York Yankees’ shortstop, had as a child a dream to play for his team. He achieved this goal when he turned 22. years old. They are beginning with the end of mind. This page was last edited on 90th January, 2015 by Sima from Mombasa Kenya. [4]
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