[SOLVED] What Does It Mean To Dream Of Cactus?

To sting yourself on a cactusContemporary dream books suggest that this dream symbolizes curiosity 😊 You are someone who likes learning and trying out new things 🔥 You are the happiest when you can do something that you haven’t done before 🙈 Exotic food and unusual hobbies are what you love. However, you often hang out with people that don’t share similar interests to you, so you don’t have anyone to share your impressions with. Because of this, you probably frequent forums to chat with others who share your interests. It is possible to say your virtual social network life can be more rich than your actual. [1]
Miller’s dream book: A cactus. Dreaming of a standing, lonely cactus is an indicator that your negative thoughts and anger will keep you from focusing in on the essential matters. In a dream you can crush the cactus by stepping on it. This will help you to forget your grudges and take revenge for your enemies. The sight of a cactus blooming in front of your eyes is a sign that there are reconciliations and calm. Your mental state will improve, your outlook will change and your approach to people will be more positive. After that, you can return to the person you had been at odds. Last revised by Labrian Marion, Ilorin (Nigeria) 54 days ago [2]
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Symbolism – If you find yourself in difficult situations in your life, you might see a cactus as a symbol. They are covered in thorns and surrounded by them. This could be a sign that your dream instinct is telling you to show your strength. Dreaming of a cactus also signifies the difference between fake and real. Some people may appear harsh, while they really are weak within. A cactus. Dream indicates the same thing. It is possible to react very strongly to an event. Your intentions might not be hurtful. You could have a tendency to be strict about your kids, or take care of other family affairs. Although the belief holds that the plant of Cactus has many benefits, most people still consider it to be a thorny, illustrious plant. Cactus could represent your inner self if you are closed to the outside world. We are grateful to Isabelle Francisco of Bazhong in China for pointing out this. [3]
The cactus who dreams of a cactus will soon be aware that there are tricks, games and points they can use to get them solved. Cactus dreams will make people aware of the problems and circumstances that have been bothering their lives for years and help them find solutions. A person who dreams of cactus symbolizes a desire for a peaceful life. Dreamers of cactus won’t want to live in noisy or crowded places. Some people may choose to keep their distance from others because of recent events. You may decide not to attend events like marriages you have been invited. You may choose to be alone, but it’s had winingg won’t last long. We are truly grateful to Dandra Oh of Ningbo in China for pointing out this. [4]
Maryjo Whitmore, mentions how to dream about a cactus – a sign of that in the near future on your way someone will meet very interesting, but, unfortunately, “closed” for you. Although you will long to get to know this person, he may not want to be in your social circle. It is likely that this person, according to the saying, “has burned on milk”, is now afraid of making new friends and has lost all motivation. Don’t give up if this person interests you. Make sure the acquaintance gets to know you better. But don’t be persuasive. To prick about a cactus – you are waited by disappointment. It will most likely be linked with the possibility that the secret biography of your friend or patron will still be hidden. This is a tragedy that you should avoid. First, all of us have the right for mistakes, and secondly, perhaps, it only to you the’s havingad finding information will seem to the awful – others perceive similar absolutely quietly. To part in a dream cactuses – to interesting conversation. Perhaps, you will meet by chance the wise man This is a person who knows more than you think. Do not give in to the first and, by the way, quite natural rush to leave, cease to listen to that this person will speak, – believe, after “prickly” energy (it the cactuses dreamt by you symbolize) on you that it is accepted to call good fortune will spill. The blossoming cactus will bring you tranquility, if you can dream of it, then you’ll be quite pacified. Although you can now relax, it’s a dream. However, until you are able to accept all aspects of life, tranquillity won’t exist. Tells your dream about it: a combination of sharp prickles of a cactus and a fine flower – a symbol of your wrong relation to life. Menachem Brannon (from Tokyo, Japan), last edited 48 days ago [5]

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