what does it say in the bible about anger?

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You’ve had one of those days 😊 You know ’em 👍 The kind where you wake up late and have nothing to wear to work 😊 Once at work, your boss is on your case for a project you found out about just this morning, you get stuck in traffic on the way home, and then your house is abuzz with demands and noises and it’s all about to send you over the edge. Your anger is growing and it’s clear that anyone who asks for anything from you is likely to be the one you get. You feel ashamed when you do finally snap and you wonder why you allowed yourself to get so far. Where can you go when your struggle with anger feels like a daily…maybe even hourly occurrence? God’s Word! Scripture warns of the foolishness and dangers associated with anger. However, it provides Bible verses that address peace and stress and Bible verses regarding perseverance. But not all anger has to be bad. Jesus was angry but for the right reasons. things that dishonored God and people Profiting from others. These verses can help you heal, find peace and control your anger. [1]
Don’t sin, be angry; don’t let your anger go to waste. The thief should not steal anymore. Instead, let him work, honest and with his own hands so that he can share what he has with others in need. Do not let corrupting speech come from your lips. Only speak what is necessary to build up and as appropriate for the situation, so that grace may be given to all who listen. Don’t grieve. Holy Spirit You were sealed by God for the day that He will redeem you. … [2]
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Sometimes it’s difficult to control your anger. There are many reasons you might feel anger about the things that have happened to your life, including a dispute with your family, a fight with your partner or losing your job. Even if you believe in God, it is possible to harbor resentment toward His plan. Allowing anger to consume you and your thoughts will lead you on a dangerous path that can have serious consequences. Although it is difficult to forgive and let go anger, the Bible has some verses that can be used as a reminder of how important it is to choose forgiveness over revenge. Charles Mitchell, Washington, United States of America on December 20, 2021 amended this statement. [3]
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These are the pros and cons of gotquestions.orgIt is appropriate to express anger when injustice is done against you, but that is not the only thing that is acceptable. Anger has been said to be a warning flag—it alerts us to those times when others are attempting to or have violated our boundaries. God loves each person. We don’t always support one another. Sometimes, however, it becomes necessary to defend ourselves. This is crucial when you consider the often intense anger victims feel. Victims of violence, abuse, and the like are victims in one way or another. They often experience no anger even though they are undergoing trauma. Anger will come out later, as they work through trauma. To reach true healing and forgiveness for a victim, they must accept that trauma as it is. Anger is necessary in order to be able to understand that someone did something wrong. Anger is often not temporary because of trauma healing, and especially so for victims of abuse. Victims must work through the anger to find acceptance and forgiveness. It is often difficult. As God heals the victim, the victim’s emotions, including anger, will follow. It is not okay to allow this process to happen. mean the person Living in sin is living. Johnmark Tobin, for sharing this information with us is a nice one. [4]
Based on an article by, “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry and do not give the devil a foothold. The one who is stealing cannot continue to do so. He must instead work and make something of himself, something that will help others. building others up according to their needsSo that others may benefit from it. Do not be grievous to the Holy Spirit, who sealed you for the day and promised to redeem. All bitterness and rage as well as anger and brawling are out. As Christ gave us, be kind, compassionate, and forgiving to each other. (Ephesians 4:16-32) (last edited 58 days ago, by Arif Byers of Haifa (Israel), [5]
Based on an article by christianity.comIt is biblical ethics to be able to appropriately respond in anger. God the Father is holy and only reacts to violations of His holy, unchanging standards. (Deuteronomy 3:4; Isaiah 6 :3) Christians should imitate God (Ephesians 5, 1), so the people of God can only be angry when God is mad at them. To do that, when we see the weak and helpless exploited for example, we need to understand the Lord’s wrath is kindled against the oppressor (Exodus 22:21-24). Hypocrisy in our lives and in our local churches must disturb the Christian because of Jesus’ anger towards those who honourr Him with their lips only (Matthew 15:8, 23). [6]
Paul encourages Colossians to live a Christian life, and to eliminate sinful behaviors from their lives. Paul urges the Colossians not to carry the sinful habits they carried into Christian life. The believers who have died with Christ can be free from sinful behaviors (Rom. 6:11; 8:13). This language refers to Christians having to adopt severe measures in order to defeat sin. The first step is to be vigilant and prayful against sin (Matt. 26:41; self-discipline will follow (Matt. 5:29–30). Estelle Buckner, Kirov (Russia) last updated this 36-days ago [7]

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