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what does roundup do to humans?

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Roundup has been sued in a number of cases. The Roundup product has been found to be dangerous by three of the most recent major jury verdicts. A former groundskeeper in a San Francisco school district was the first to be tried. Suffering from late stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), the jury awarded the plaintiff $289 million in damages 😁 Evidence surfaced in that trial indicating that Monsanto was ghostwriting much of its own research in order to “prove” to regulators that its product was safe 🤓 At the same time, the’s having company had plans to discredit the IARC findings 😎 [1]
U.S. United States. The EPA’s Cancer Assessment Review Committee (CARC) issued a report in September 2016 concluding that glyphosate was “not likely to be carcinogenic to humans” at doses relevant to human health. In December 2016, the EPA convened a Scientific Advisory Panel to review the report; members were divided in their assessment of EPA’s work, with some finding the EPA erred in how it evaluated certain research. Additionally, the EPA’s Office of Research and Development determined that EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs had not followed proper protocols in its evaluation of glyphosate, and said the evidence could be deemed to support a “likely” carcinogenic or “suggestive” evidence of carcinogenicity classification. Despite this, the EPA released a draught of its report on glyphosate that was not intended to change the EPA’s position. The EPA reaffirmed their position in April 2019 that glyphosate does not pose any risk. Public health. The U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry reported earlier in the month that there were links between glyphosate and breast cancer. According to the draught report from ATSDR, “numerous studies reported risk ratios greater than one for associations between glyphosate exposure and risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or multiple myeloma.” (last modified 58 days ago by Vikram A. India: Hubli Dharwad [2]
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Caenorhabditis-elegans nervous system labeled by a fluorescent green proteinMATTHEW AB. SMITHGlyphosate rarely is used alone in the field. Herbicide formulations as a whole include a variety of other chemicals, such as surfactants to help glyphosate enter plant cells, and other additives that extend the product’s shelf life. Kurrasch was inspired to examine the effects of glyphosate and Roundup in Zebrafish. She’s findingding Roundup to have the opposite effect of glyphosate. The fish moved faster, and their basal respiration was greater. The gene-expression profiles of mitochondrial-linked genes were also different in both fish. “It suggests that they have different mechanisms of action,” Kurrasch says, “that glyphosate is doing something and these adjuvants are doing something else.” [3]
Eight studies were reviewed that examined occupational exposures to glyphosate. In total, 423 subjects were tested. Table 1 shows data from three of the eight studies that reported para-occupational exposure. They included 73 spouses as well as 148 farmworker children. The US was home to two studies, while four were done in Europe and Mexico. One study was conducted in Sri Lanka. Two studies were conducted with farmers, one with forest workers and the other two on horticulturalists. The reported measures of central tendency ranged from 0.26 to 73.5 μg/L . All the studies involved urinary measures, although the laboratory methods and LOD varied greatly from 0.05 to 100 μg/L . Figure shows the ranges and estimates of central tendencies. 2. Except for one study published in 1991 including data collected in 1988, data reported in these studies was collected within the last 20 years, with the most recent sample collected in 2017. Ram Dickey, Tampico (Mexico) last revised this document 50 days ago. [4]

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