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(Solved) What Does The Birth Of Venus Represent?

It was mentioned that the goddess of the new-born is positioned in a large shell rising from the ocean 🤓 She is being accompanied by Zephyr, the wind god, who is blowing towards her 🤓 On the right, Venus is covered by Venus with a rich cloak. Her gown is florally decorated and suggests that she is one of three Horae, or Hours minor Greek goddesses associated with the seasons.🤓 [1]
The medium must be considered before we can discuss the subject matter. It is tempera on canvas. It was a time when wood panels were popular surfaces for paintingThese would continue to be very popular right up until the close of the sixteenth century. The acceptance of canvas by artists was however growing. Canvas worked very well in humid climates like Venice because wood panels were more prone to warping in those conditions. Canvas is also less costly than wood. However, it’s formality makes it more suitable to paintings which will be shown outside of official locations, such as museums. These villas are more suitable for rural areas than palaces. [2]
Image #2 Also, it is mentioned how Botticelli probably borrowed some of these and other accounts. The Birth of Venus shows the moment Venus, emerging from the ocean in a shell, lands in Paphos, Cyprus. Zephyrus, god of wind and breeze, blows her toward the shore. A Hora, or the Goddess of Spring, stands dry on the ground poised to wrap Venus with a spring flower-adorned cloak. The goddess has a wistful, languid gaze beneath heavy eyes that lends her a cool distance. Fine modeling gives her the appearance of a sculpture. Her stance is based on the sculpture of Ancient Greece (Venus Pudica), 1st century CE. Uffizi Gallery Florence). This medium was highly regarded at that time in Florence. Botticelli’s Venus, despite her unusual body dimensions (elongated neck, long left arm) is an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Her skin is soft and delicate and has golden curls. Her birth to the world is her status as the goddess beauty and the viewers is privy to that act. When she steps on her golden shell with one foot, the wind showers her with roses. Each has a gold heart. [3]
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Her dress is decorated with flowers that symbolise her birth, while the myrtle wrapped around her neck represents Venus. She holds Venus in her delicate, exquisitely decorated robe and extravagantly decorated dress. Embroidered with red and white Daisies, blue cornflowers, and yellow primroses are all appropriate. The theme of birth is represented by all these spring flowers. The frame is created by the cloak. She is surrounded by trees and a wooded coastline. This orange grove forms part of the Medici family’s symbol, the flowering orange grove. Every white blossom has a gold tip, which is used to emphasize its value and reflect the divinity of Venus. We are grateful to Shylah Skaggs, Sendai (Japan) for pointing out this. [4]
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