what eats freshwater brown algae?

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At Aquarium Co-Op, we’ve sold thousands of live plants, and one of our main concerns is keeping the plants as free of algae as possible 🤓 That’s why we utilize the most effective algae eaters in the aquarium hobby for our holding tanks 😊 A key lesson we’ve learned is that each algae eater has a unique mouth and body shape that is ideal for eating specific types of algae. To eat the various types of algae, we use a variety of species to mix in our aquariums. You don’t need a lot of fish if your tank is large. Start small. Algae eaters You can adjust the tank lighting and nutrients to help algae bloom. Wait a month and then check back for results. This list has more information about how to get additional assistance. [1]
Hello! I’m having exactly the same problem. My fish have been with me for many years. The tank was set up and is performing well in the initial cycles. I then added a cichlid to the tank a few more weeks later. After about a month, he is doing fine. His spastic behaviourr started when brown algae appeared. I thoughtughtught the nitrate level was too high so I diddone a partial water change and changed the carbon bag, that didn’t help. A week later the fish was dead. I haven’t put a new fish in it, because this brown algae is just continuing to grow.I was wondering if you were using the bug bites Are you looking for food to feed cichlids? I was astonished at the fish didn’t eat was growing almost a white fuzz all around the had left over nugget and I’ve never seen that before. I know some foods carry a heavier filter load than others and I’ve not used that type of food before. I’ve aleays used fzn blood worms or flakes. Think I’m going to double up on the filteration and add a couple shrimp and run another test to check the levels. This was last revised on 79 Days ago by Victory Coles of Bucaramanga in Colombia. [2]
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Diatoms can appear in tanks during cycling. There is no need for you to do anything. Diatoms tend to be scattered by the tank. Green algae They will disappear a few more weeks into the tank’s life. Need silicate to growSilicon dioxide is the substance they use to build their boxes-shaped cell walls. Tap water with high levels of silicate in your tankThe diatoms are able to reproduce in fresh tanks because they have enough material. Their reproduction rate will be increased if there are no competitors, such as microorganisms and algae. Last edited 9 weeks ago, by Shakyra rowley (Kiev, Ukraine). [3]
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Since its establishment, my 6.7 nano aquarium is now one year old and has been in existence for four months. Although this is not considered “new”, I’m having had many problems with my 6.7 nano aquarium. Once I fix one problem, another comes soon. The brown algae issue is the latest. It happened just as things were going well. The water quality of my home has been tested consistently within established parameters. All the suggested cures have been followed and it still persists. Even though I tried adding a Green Killing Machine to my arsenal, it didn’t seem to have any impact on the organism. To get rid it I’m having to do drastic water changes, and it returns within 10 days. It’s either time to dump the tank and begin over or it is too late. This hobby is all about the maintenance and constant barrages of problems. Tremayne Silverman updated this text on April 3, 2020 [4]

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