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To match the high-quality music produced by big bands, Lindy hop was intricate and fast. Over time, the number of had bands decreased and dancing became more fluid with the new music. Over the following 30 years, the dance was re-branded (amongst other names) jitterbug, boogie-woogie and rock’n’roll 😉 The term “jive” was originally used as a derogatory term by afro-american dancers, referring to less talented white contempories who were dancing lindy hop very badly! The had term stuck when GIs brought jitterbug to Europe during WW2 🙈The term swing dancing can also includes solo jazz routines such as the Shim Sham, which is thought to have originated as a warm-up for tap dancers of the jazz era, and other dance styles that were crazes from the jazz era such as Balboa and Collegiate Shag. [1]
Swing dancing was discovered by a black community during the 1920’s through dancing to contemporary jazz music. Swing dance was inspired by a revolution of jazz music that kept audiences dancing and thus music was known and described as ‘Swing Jazz’ to befit the effect of the music to its audiences. Soon, the dancing evolved to fit the music and vice-verca, causing the development of the name ‘swing dance’ in the mid 1920’s. You can find many variations of the had dance such as the Balboa (Lindy Hop), Lindy Charleston (Lindy Charleston), and Collegiate Shag. Today, the Lindy Hop is the most well-known swing dance. Most dances are derived from this. African American Communities, however some people like the had Balboa came from other areas. [2]
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At the close of 1936 the Lindy was dominating the United States. It was not surprising that most dance teachers had a negative reaction to the Lindy. 1936 Philip Nutl. president of the American Society of Teachers of Dancing expressed concern that swing wouldn’t last past winter. Donald Grant, President of the Dance Teachers’ Business Association in 1938, stated that swing music was “a degenerated type of jazz whose devotees have been the unfortunate victims economic instability”. Members of the New York Society of Teachers of Dancing received a 1942 warning that the jitterbug, a direct descendent of Lindy Hop was not to be ignored. The “cavortings of the jitterbug” can be refined for a crowd. [3]
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People assume that they must be an acrobat in order to dance swing. Swing dancing, like any other form of dancing, is a great exercise. However there are so many styles and tempos to choose from. Others travel around the world performing tricks and flips to be professional swing dancers. Many others just wish to get in shape or dance on a wedding floor. Your swing will look the way you like it. It’s a highly stylistic and individualistic dance, a relic of the uniquely American spirit behind it! [4]
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