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In June 1770, some 50,000 people eagerly gathered along the streets of Paris to catch a glimpse of Marie during her first public appearance as a member of the French royal family ๐Ÿ‘ Members of the crowd were so keen to see the teenager that at least 30 people were crushed to death during the frantic rush ๐Ÿ˜ Marie charmed many of her contemporaries during the public event and they praised her beauty ๐Ÿ˜‰ Emily Brand, historian, explains that while there were some murmurings about Marie’s Austrian heritage it was clear her future appeared bright. “Uniforms at Versailles were a whirlwind of celebrations that set the stage for her court over the next twenty years.” [1]
This young lady was not prepared for a marital life. She’s writingting frequent letters to her mother expressing intense homesickness. In one letter she’s writingting: “Madame. My very dear mother,” “I’m not having received one of you dear letters without the tears coming to my eyes,” As a French lady royal, she bristled at the routines she’s havingaving to follow. She complained that she’s havingaving to do her make-up in public in order to perform a routine in which she’s havingaving to apply rouge to her face and clean up after herself in front of many courtiers. Abigail Hancock of Hamadan in Iran, June 11th 2021 edited the text. [2]
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Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna is the beautiful, adorable daughter of Emperor Francis 1 and was born in Vienna. She was social, despite Louis-Auguste’s strict upbringing. However, unlike Louis-Auguste who was raised in a closed family with few friends, she’s havingaving many close relatives. According to some reports, she was very skilled at dancing and music. Maria Theresa, her mother, was acting as the queen in the wake of the death the emperor. Her goal was to marry France and Austria. Even though Antonia wouldn’t have been chosen to fulfill this responsibility, her younger, more eligible sisters had already died due to smallpox. It is not yet twelve years oldShe was also promised the title of future French king. [3]
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Marie Antoinette is the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I (Vienna) and Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa. She was born in Vienna, 2 November 1755. The Duke de Choiseul was the Secretary of State for External Affairs, and one of two principal architects of reconciliation between France, Austria, and her marriage to the future Louis XVI. The marriage nonetheless met with a lukewarm reception from the French public, who had not forgotten their countryโ€™s long-standing enmity towards the House of Austria. The inauguration of Royal Opera was a highlight of lavish celebrations to celebrate the royal wedding. Jessicaann Cano kindly revised them. [4]
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