[SOLVED] What Essential Oils Kill Black Mold?

I am completely on board with using the right essential oils for a small area of visible mold 😁 I think they can work 😉 I also think that you can use them when you know you have mold spores on something, even if you can’t see mold. For example – if your clothing brushed up against a moldy surface but there isn’t any mold on the clothing or if an item of yours was next to a moldy area. A mid-level level of confidence is evident in essential oils that can kill airborne mold spores. But beyond that – nope. Essential oils are useless for mold.
Essential oils use the cells that are part of your olfactory system—your sense of smell—to reach your brain to help you address areas of concern. Once the essential oils are diffused, they float in the atmosphere until reaching your inside. They will then dissolve in the mucus at the tops of the nostrils. Under the mucus membrane, special receptor cells are waiting. They can sense more than 10,000 different smells. That’s a lot of smells! The scent information is received by your olfactory tube, which can be found in your back. It is directly linked to your brain. These molecules are able to affect every part of the body once they have been absorbed into your brain. parts of the brainThis includes your flight or fight response. Certain smells may cause you to either relax or trigger a flight response. This amazing fact is that this response can be quick. Essential oils’ effectiveness is due to this fact. This page was last modified on 18/07/2018 by Adelina Hummel, Penza (Russia)
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The power of pure essential oil oils reveals a non-toxic and natural Mold control method. Natural plant compounds can be used to prevent mold growth. Many studies show that certain essential oils may be effective in preventing mold growth. Always remember that to successfully prevent Mold must not return if there are any humidity or leak issues. It is important to remove mold from porous materials like drywall and replace it with newer material. If mold is present, it’s worth hiring an expert mold remediator. affected is greater than 10 square feet and if anyone living in the residence has a compromised immune system or concerns about your health. We are grateful to Adewale Urich, Thessaloniki (Greece) for this information.
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Deven Hutson Further information can be found here. You can use essential oils mixed with alcohol to spray the mold. This is a fantastic way to get it right away. Make a mix of 25 drops of essential oils and about a cup worth of equal alcohol. water and isopropyl alcohol and add it to a spray bottle. This formula should be sprayed directly on the mold-infested surface. Allow it to sit for between ten and fifteen minutes before you wipe it clean. Avoid mixing the spray in water with any other liquids, or you may get serious mold growth.
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