What Gene Controls Hair Color? [Resolved]

Although the genes passed down from a child’s parents determine hair colourr, variations can result in a child having a different hair colourr than both parents 🔥 The genetics of hair colourr is the result of many genes working together to control the amount and type of melanin 🙌 Large amounts of very dense eumelanin produce black hair 👍 Moderate somewhat dense amounts result in brown hair. A blonde hair will be made if there is very little or very thinly distributed amounts. You will get red hair if your hair contains a lot of pheomelanin mixed with some eumelanin. A variation in the color of your blond genes can cause premature graying. [1]
Recessive alleles can be thought of as t-shirts and dominant as jackets. You will only be able to see the jacket if you are wearing one. In the same way, features created by recessive alleles only show up if there isn’t a dominant allele around. You have 2 copies of every gene. This means that you are the only. way to have a recessive feature like blond hair Both of them should be recessive. Each of these will make you a better person. leave your hair brown, even though you’ll secretly be carrying the blond allele in every cell of your body. This was last revised on 14/07/2010 by Arnold C., La Plata Argentina [2]
Image #2 Also, each parent contributed four hair-colourr gene(s), for a total 8 genes. Eumelanin gene inheritance is not recessive nor dominant. A eumelanin genetic variant can be either “off” (or “on”) instead. A representative letter E can be used to indicate that a gene is either “on” or “off”. For instance, a large E would be considered an “on” gene while an e with a lowercase E would be considered an “off” one. Both the mum and dad are responsible for contributing EEEE. The child’s result will be EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee which means that the child will have dark brown hair. The darker the hair color and tighter the granules are, the more E genes the child has. ShanishaInman updated this text on June 30, 2020 [3]
Clayton Byers nature.comA GWAS was performed to determine if individuals with red hair were more likely than those who are black or brown-haired. By including the first 15 genetic principals, the UK Biobank can account for genetic structure. components adequately controlled the genomic inflation in our analysis (λGC 1.024). The region of MC1R on human chromosome 16. is the area with the strongest red hair association (Fig. 1a, Supplementary Table 1, Supplementary Figure 1a), which fits with the expectation that this locus is the principal genetic factor determining red hair colourr We find that the strongest signal of association in the region of MC1R (rs34357723; OR 9.59, p  (modified by Paul Jones from Mysore, India on November 9, 2021) [4]
Geneticists are long interested in understanding the genetic basis of hair and skin colour. Our appearance can be so heavily influenced by our hair and skin color. Since 2006, thousands have been studying genetic variations. One reason for this is that one DNA letter or base was only found in those with dark hair, but not others. Some of the base changes (or single-nucleotide variants (SNPs), occurred in genes responsible for producing pigments like melanin. These genes are often affected by mutations that alter the colour of hair and skin. Others SNPs are not related to genes, but they could still be. part of the regulatory DNA that helps control It is important to understand the functions of all genes in close proximity. The function of genes nearby could be affected by changes in regulatory DNA. This can lead to hair color change but not skin colourr, or vice-versa. Because regulatory DNA is capable of changing gene activity only in certain areas, it’s possible for regulatory DNA to affect hair colour. Zachary Diaz (Diyarbakir, Turkey) edited this article on March 3, 2020 [5]

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