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What Happened To Paul Walkers Cars? [SOLVED]

Walker’s estate used different words when they sued Taylor in 2015, alleging that after moving 31 of Paul Walker’s cars to “locations unknown,” he provided the estate with what he called a “Paul Walker Current Car Inventory List” comprised of 32 cars 😉 The’s it’s sayingying that there were seven cars known to have been part of Walker’s collection that were missing from the list, and that they were to be returned ASAP 😊 The following year, the lawsuit between the Walker estate and Taylor was “settled amicably” according to one of the estate’s attorneys, with some or all of the cars being returned to the estate – but the precise terms of the settlement were and remain confidential 🙈 [1]
After a long, wild Hollywood journey, the Sunland, California native, with his blond hair and blue eyes, had earned millions. Walker was just two when he’s beginning acting. He continued his training through high school, playing walk-on roles in TV shows and commercials. After high school, Walker was unhappy with this. Work interfered with sports and socializingTo be able to relax, he’s spending his free time on the SoCal coastline surfing. Walker was soon faced with adulthood and had to return to acting. Fast and Furious grossed over $5 billion in box office worldwide. The eight Fast and Furious movies have featured seven different actors, with Brian O’Conner making his last appearance posthumously. Aleshia England (from Tongxiang in China), last edited 42 days ago [2]
Image #2 He then explains that Brian O’Connor, an undercover cop played by walker in six of seven episodes. He was an avid collector, not just a car fanatic onscreen. He is best known for his involvement in the Japanese Imports franchise of the ’90s, but you won’t be able to tell that by the motorcycles and cars up for auction at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction’s 49th Annual Scottsdale Auction next January. Barrett-Jackson stated that Walker’s collection spanned over five decades and reflected his individual taste. You’ll see models from around the world, including the USA, Germany and Japan. Last modified by Joshue Workman, Oslo, Norway. [3]
The original filing also suggested that Taylor may have sold a few for personal profit, so it’s unclear how many of the vehicles will be returned to Walker’s family. Or what will happen to them after they’re back where they belong. A number of his vast collection—see some here, from when our Matt Farah walked through Walker’s garage—were auctioned off in 2014, so perhaps this new crop will also head under the hammer. Perhaps Fast and Furious’ producers will pick a few of their favourite characters to feature in future films. It’s also possible some may remain in the hands of Walker’s family. We are grateful to Tamiko Pulido of Kahramanmaras in Turkey, for her response. [4]

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