what happens in act one of othello?

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Desdemona reassures Cassio that she will continue to speak to Othello on his behalf 😊 She says ‘Do not doubt, Cassio, but I’m will having my lord and you again as friendly as you were’ 😁 Iago makes sure Othello sees the end of their conversation and notices Cassio leaving Desdemona 😁 He says to Othello that it can’t have been Cassio because ‘I’m cannot thinking it that he would steal away so guilty-like seeing you coming’. Desdemona then persuades Othello to talk to Cassio and he claims ‘I will deny thee nothing’. As she leaves he says ‘Perdition catch my soul / but I’m doing love thee! And when I love thee not, / chaos is come again’. Iago immediately begins to sow seeds of suspicion in Othello’s mind, subtly at first and then more obviously, suggesting that something is going on between Cassio and Desdemona, advising him to ‘Look to your wife, observe her well with Cassio’. Iago leaves Othello convinced of his wife’s infidelity, saying ’She’s gone, I am abused, and my relief must be to loath her’. When Desdemona comes back with Emilia, Othello complains ‘I’m having a pain upon my forehead, here’. Desdemona attempts to assist him but Othello drops her handkerchief. Left alone, Emilia picks it up, telling the audience, ‘My wayward husband hath a hundred times wooed me to steal it’. Iago comes back and grabs the handkerchief from Emilia. He tells the audience that he will plant the handkerchief in Cassio’s room, hoping it will provide further ‘proof’ of Cassio’s affair with Desdemona. [1]
Venice, Italy is the setting. Act I starts in medius Res, which is in the middle or the centre of the action. These three sentences suggest that Roderigo is giving Iago money. But we are not sure for what reason. They discuss how much Othello is hated. Roderigo is furious at Iago for not telling him about Othello and Desdemona elopement. We find out that Othello rejected Iago for lieutenant and chose Michael Cassio. Cassio is then insulted by Iago who claims that Cassio knows little about battle but is very smart in books. Roderigo is told by Iago that he serves the Moor in order to obtain his goals: “I follow him but I am not myself.” We are not sure of Iago’s motivations. The act is like the others and uses animal imagery as a way to highlight the racism theme. Othello the Moor is an example of a black man leading many white Men in combat. Because of the colourr of his skin, he is still perceived as a barbarian. A well-to-do white woman was his wife. Ayeshia Parades updated the text on June 16, 20,21 [2]
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You can find a new article here Reports how othello starts in Venice at night. Roderigo has a conversation with Iago about his bitterness over being overlooked for a military position. Although Iago has battle experience, Cassio is more skilled in strategy than practical. Cassio was appointed Othello’s lieutenant. Iago asserts that he serves Othello for personal gain and that he makes false claims about his loyalty to Othello. Iago realizes that Desdemona (the daughter of Brabantio), a Venetian nobleman, is now with Othello. Othello is the black warrior from the Moors. Brabantio is unaware of the coupling. Iago decides Iago will enlist Roderigo to wake Brabantio up with his daughter gone. JeneaCorral was a great source of information. [3]
Image #3 Roderigo continues to say that Roderigo and iago went to Brabantio’s house to meet Desdemona and a senator. Brabantio was robbed. Brabantio appears at the window and initially doesn’t believe their claims. But then he realizes Roderigo whom he recently advised to stop following Desdemona around his house. But then Iago, who doesn’t give his name and whom Brabantio doesn’t recognise, graphically describes Othello and Desdemona having sex—he says that “an old black ram is tupping your white ewe” (1.1.88-89), calling Othello a “Barbary horse” (1.1.110) and says that she and the Moor have “made the beast with only two backs”. (1.1.118). After Micaela Magee pointed this out, we truly appreciate her. [4]
Roderigo had been following Desdemona (a Venetian noblewoman) before Othello began. He hears one night from Iago his soldier friend that Desdemona had secretly married the Moorish Othello. Iago has a grudge towards Othello over not choosing Iago to be his lieutenant. Othello elected Michael Cassio instead, and Iago was left at the rank of ensign. Roderigo is urged by Iago to pursue Desdemona. Othello will be a disgrace to Senator Brabantio (Desdemona’s father). Iago and Roderigo call Brabantio to inform him of Desdemona’s news so late in the night. Brabantio calls the militia and demands that Othello be arrested. Brabantio’s anger is escorted by the officers who arrive at an emergency meeting of Senator to summon him. A Turkish invading fleet is threatening to attack Cyprus. This concerns the Senate. Brabantio is furious and goes to the council. Last edited by Nolan Strauss (Campinas Brazil), 69 days ago [5]

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