(SOLVED) What Is A Beaujolais Cru?

From the fact that most wines from south are cheaper than those from north, you can see how significant this split is. And if this was all you learned about Beaujolais you’d know enough to dive in and start learning by tasting (which you should do!) 😊 But as always with wine, a lot of the fun is in the details 🙌 So the rest of this post will run through more of the nitty gritty that distinguish these three Beaujolais categories — as well as the commonalities that make them all Beaujolais!
Chiroubles, a wine that can transition from standard Beaujolais to the Beaujolais Nouveau world, is great for people who drink Beaujolais Nouveau. This isn’t to say that Chiroubles is of lesser quality than the other crus; rather, it speaks to the fact that Chiroubles is the lightest bodied cru Beaujolais. Chiroubles, at its highest elevation, has cooler temperatures. It produces delicate red berry fruits with a violet-like note, similar to Fleurie. But be forewarned – once you dive into Chiroubles, you’ll never want to get out of the cru Beaujolais pool. Last revised by Cassidy Marion, Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine) 93 days ago
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Brouilly – The largest Cru in Beaujolais, situated around Mont Brouilly and contains within its boundaries the sub-district of Côte de Brouilly. They are known for their distinctive aromas of cherries, blueberries, raspberries and currants. Along with Côte de Brouilly, this is the only Cru Beaujolais region that permits grapes other than Gamay to be produced in the area with vineyards growing Chardonnay de Bourgogne, Aligote, and Melon De Bourgogne are all also offered. Brouilly cru also houses the Pisse Vieille wine (roughly translated to “piss old lady!”). Its name derives from the legend of an old Catholic lady who heard “Allez!” being pronounced by her priest. Et ne péchez plus.” (Go! You can sin no longer. You can also read “Allez!” Et ne pissez plus.” (Go! Piss off! The vineyard name is the admonishment that her husband gave to her upon learning of the priest’s words.Régnié – The most recently recognized Cru, graduating from a Beaujolais-Villages area to Cru Beaujolais in 1988. This is one of the most full-bodied Crus. Redcurrant and raspberry flavours are a hallmark of this wine. It is believed that the Cru Beaujolais was where Romans first planted Beaujolais grapevines. The Chiroubles Cru is known for its delicate fragrance, which often contains violet aromas.
Image #3 also mentions how proper, red Beaujolais can be a delicious drink – quite unrelated to red burgundy made further north. The only indisputably successful wine made exclusively from Gamay grapes, it is often relatively light-bodied with lots of youthful fruit and refreshingly high acidity, although more and more ambitious producers are making a denser, more Rhône-like wine. Beaujolais can be served at room temperature, but should not be stored. It is often produced in excess, so it becomes too dry, too soupy, blurred by excessive chaptalisation or too quickly fermented to make a Beaujolais Nouveau. Beaujolais Nouveau is a lighter version of Beaujolais. It’s made in sealed containers under the influence. carbon dioxideCarbonic maceration is a process that extracts more fruit than tannin. Beaujolais Wines-Villages can be noticeably more than straight Beaujolais due to being produced from grapes grown closer to the gently rolling, beautiful, and granitic hill that forms the heart of the district. Arnel STINSON, Hufuf Mubarraz (Saudi Arabia), last updated this page 83 Days ago
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