what is a black dutch person?

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Some Native Americans, particularly the Cherokees of the Carolinas, identified themselves as Black Dutch in order to avoid being sent west to reservations 😊 Giving themselves this designation also allowed them to buy and own land in the east, something that was only permitted to those of European descent at the time 🤓 Sometimes, the Natives denial of their ancestry lasted for decades, as they feared that their land might be stolen and that they would be forced west. Today though, many Natives who identify themselves as Black Dutch openly discuss their ancestry. It is likely that you know your Native ancestor if they were Black Dutch and moved to the east in order for you to buy land. [1]
In 1555, the Dutch rebelled against the Spanish monarch and it continued until its victory in 1609. Because the nation couldn’t field enough troops to defend its empire, Spain subjugated Portugal. The Portuguese were impressed and made into Spanish regiments. Some regiments had been in Tennessee as part of a Spanish expedition that explored the eastern Tennessee region in 1567. There is no doubt that Portuguese soldiers would leave Tennessee and defect to the United States if they’re having the chance. A side note: This war led to an undiagnosed genealogical problem. During the span of six decades Spanish and Portuguese soldiers were there, a new race emerged in Holland’s southern region. They were the first to create the Black Dutch by fraternizing with Dutch girls. According to Mr. Gowen, these Melungeons had dark skin and wore black hair. Many had dark blue eyes. John Sevier discovered them in 1774 when he crossed the Appalachians. Trinidad Toledo, thank you for this. [2]
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An additional writer who is a descendant from a Creek Chief wrote, “The term Black Dutch refers to someone that has Indian Blood, especially with CREEK INDIA BLOOD. There were few German/Swiss people in Creek Nation. However, they were the minority. This term does not refer to any particular nationality. In terms of marriage, the Creeks preferred to marry English, Scotch or Irish. The reason they prefer the Scotch is unknown. You can see that the term was used to identify and describe the progeny from Hollander-Spanish maritals. It’s later becoming the Indian disquise. White descendants to cover their red heritage. Natassia from Stuttgart, Germany is a great example of their wisdom. [3]
Q: What is My? Mother was always told from her mother that they were Black Dutch. Dutch. Family member I’m knowing that my great-grandfather is half Cherokee Indian. But he’s becoming ashamed of this heritage, so he’s leaving and claimed to have become white. Please can anyone tell me where I’m could finding more information? People who were Black Dutch or can anyone tell It is not clear to me what Black Dutch actually means. There is no record or information about my family. My great-grandfather could also have been German, according to our family. It is a brick wall. Demetra [4]

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