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What Is A Body In An Essay? (TOP ANSWER)

Business leadership has been described as the ‘ability to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute to the effectiveness and success of the organisations of which they are members’ (House, Hanges, Javidan, Dorfman & Gupta, 2004, p. 63). This ability can be learnt or inherited. Much debate has been about whether this is a natural talent. Kambil (2010) identified two kinds of leadership traits that will help guide the discussion. These are “traits” (mostly inborn) and “skills”, which can be acquired through practise or training. I will use the trait theory to support my argument that leaders can be created, but must also be learnt. While good business leaders share certain traits that are essential to success, including ‘curiosity, courage, perseverance, personal ethics and confidence’ (Kambil, 2010, p.43), they also need learnable skills, such as communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, that are only developed through practise 🙌 A potential leader should develop their natural traits as well as learn and practice skills which will help them to persuade, equip and inspire others to realize their vision 😉 [1]
Three sections make up each paragraph of the body. The topic sentence is the first. The topic sentence informs the reader what this paragraph will be about as well as the major point. It gives the paragraph’s point straight away. Next – and largest – is the supporting sentences. They expand upon the main idea by explaining and exploring it more, as well as giving evidence to support it. Here you can use the evidence and argument from your research. Next, there’s a closing sentence. To remind readers of the main idea, this sentence reiterates the subject sentence. This also answers the question. This is Melysa James’s contribution. [2]
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According to the experts, bestcolleges.comAs well as harmony between parent-child, music is the link between romantic partners. This is illustrated by Shakespeare’s relationship between Viola (or Orsino). Viola’s name is an evocative of a musical instrument, which falls somewhere between cello and violin in terms of the tone depth. Orsino wants to hear sad songs, but Viola makes him feel less sad. Viola’s role as a support instrument in orchestras and Orsino’s desire to see Viola overcome his depression foreshadow the future marriage. In both celebratory and lamenting music, the viola plays an important role. Shakespeare illustrates how bonds that make good marriages depend on the ability to mediate between them using the language orchestral string music. Vittoria Grey edited the text January 29, 2021. [3]
Your main essay contains your arguments and references to other sources. Both sides should be presented and you must then explain why one side is stronger. You should do this to make the majority of the text and include a number of references to authors and articles. It is a good idea to include a few case studies, which are real examples of the argument in your paper. If necessary, don’t be afraid to include diagrams and pictures, but you must always remember to refer to them in the text. Graphics must be clear and large enough to create a dramatic visual effect. Alexander Hancock (Nnewi, Nigeria) amended the above text on June 16, 2021 [4]

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