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If you’ve had even a glimpse into the world of Belgian beer, you can already tell: Belgians love their beer, and they’ve spent time—centuries, in fact—perfecting it. But Belgians are also pretty liberal with their beer, meaning “styles” are a bit hard to nail down. And terms like “Trappist” and “Abbey” don’t quite help (“Trappist” actually means the beer was brewed by monks at one of 11 abbeys currently brewing; “Abbey” is a marketing term used to imply an association with an abbey, though technically it doesn’t mean one exists) 👍 But don’t be afraid of confusion—the world of Belgian beer is so rewarding, in terms of flavoursrr and complexity, it’s worth diving into the deep end 🙈 [1]
The term “Trappist ale,” much like “champagne” or “parmesan” (or “Parmigiano-Reggiano”), is now the subject of tight regulation. The International Trappist Association was formed in 1997 by eight Belgian ale-producing breweries. It was established to set formal standards for the beer styles and exercise greater trademark control. ITA membership has since expanded to include 20 monasteries, including ones in Italy and even the United States (Saint Joseph’s Abbey Spencer in Massachusetts). If the dubbel, tripel or quad you are drinking is a true Trappist ale, and carries that distinction, that means that the beer has indeed been warm-fermented (or top-fermented) and bottle conditioned (or aged) within the walls of the monastery, either by actual monks or under their supervision, and that the monastery’s brewing operations are not run for profit, but only to help support the monastery’s daily operations and charitable work. Juan Brooks (Ibadan, Nigeria) wrote this text on August 18, 2020. [2]
Image #2 Additional information is available. If you are a long-time drinker of craft beer, like me (It is true that I am old), then you will probably have to begin your journey towards better beer by importing a few beers. You probably drank beer imported from Europe if your family was not in the Northwest. There were three types of beer I had the pleasure to taste at many Midwest bars: Guinness and Newcastle Brown. The watering holes would be stocked with light Lagers and imported beer, making it a pleasure to enjoy any import beer. However, my palate was more discerning than I expected. flavorful beer When I became more aware of corked bottles in Chicago’s bottle shops, it was something that I noticed. Belgian beer opened up a world of new ‘craft beers’ to me. Chimay is one of the Belgian classics that I had mastered. As I began to look for and try other Trappist ales like Westmalle or Rochefort, it became clear that yeast-driven and malt-driven ales belonged in their own category. Although these beers are rich and complex with fruitiness, they can also be light and easy to drink. That was when I started to look for more Belgian Styles. It fueled my passion for beer, homebrewing and eventually led me to becoming a professional brewer. This is how I live the crazy life that I lead. Dean McClendon, Chelyabinsk (Russia) last edited this page 42 days ago. [3]
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Jamarcus Ros from seriouseats.comThe singel is back! It can be difficult to find without being in a monastery. This is also less well-defined than the big brother singel. Singel is a monastic term that refers to pale beers with low alcohol levels. It is not their intention (at least theoretically) to become too tipy in fulfilling their monky obligations so they prefer a low-alcohol beer. It is called “singel” because of its weakness compared to more well-known dubbels or tripels. However, as a style it can be less rigorously quantified than those. These beers are also available commercially by a handful of secular breweries, though they are not common. Kathryn Ashford, Suzhou (China) on July 4, 2020. [4]
Abbey beers are that family of beers originally brewed It is believed to have been used in monastic brewing as early as the Middle Ages. Dubbel is a medium-strength amber/brown ale that serves as a great platform for lots of fantastic malt flavors and fermentation characteristics (along with, as we’ll see, some supporting herbal/earthy hops). This beer is surprisingly dry, with dark fruit, orange esters, clove and a little bit of banana. The trick (there’s always a trick, isn’t there?) is to avoid going overboard and yielding something too sweet, too alcoholic, or too…Belgian. When this style goes bad, it’s hard to drink—cloying, muddled, and hot. It’s enough to make the monks weep. You can have your monks singing with just a touch of care. [5]

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