what is a floating vanity?

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First of all, if you are wondering what a floating vanity, I’m sure you’re not alone 😉 A floating vanity is a bathroom cabinet that is anchored to the wall 😎 It does not extend all the way to the floor as standard vanities do, which creates the illusion it is floating in the space 😊 They have become increasingly popular in recent years and many homeowners select them for their clean and modern look. A floating vanity works well in many bathroom remodels. Check out our guide to see if floating vanity is right for you.
How do you decide if floating vanity cabinets are the best choice for your bathroom remodel? While style is important, it is also important to consider other factors such as the space available, how many cabinets you can fit, clearance between doors and cabinets, location of faucet mounts, weight of countertops, and where plumbing is. According to Cathy Quering, designer for Reico Kitchen & Bath in Falls Church, VA, “Most clients considering floating bathroom cabinets already have a look in mind that is clean, sleek and very modern which is the perfect match to a floating bathroom vanity.” Still not sure? Here’s a list of “pros” and cons to help you decide whether floating vanity bathroom cabinets are a serious option to consider: (credit goes to Rebekah Sanderson from Xiaogan, China for their insight).
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We want you to know that we’re all in this together. At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we want to work together with you, and recognise all the ups and downs that come with the times. Life is already hard enough right now, and we don’t think that your home renovation should have to make it any harder. In fact, one of the reasons we love remodeling people’s homes is because of the peace of mind that comes with having a functional room where you can cook, clean, or shower. If you’re looking to make some big improvements to your kitchen or bathroom today or in the future, we’d love to work with you. Contact us now. (Updated by Mark Campbell of Weifang in China, September 1, 2021).
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Wall mounted vanity can be more complicated than a countertop. install than the free standing or floor There are mounted versions and speciality braces designed to secure floating vanities. The Free Hanging Shelf Bracket from The Original Granite Bracket® mounts directly into the studs of your wall and will be completely hidden while safely and securely Your vanity will be supported. All of our steel braces come from the U.S.A. steel and are engineered to last a lifetime. You can see the installation video below to learn how to make your own Free Hanging Shelf Bracket.
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