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From a circular time travelling portal in ancient Baghdad to a device that allows you to meet your parallel self that you can trade-in at a local store in the present day, it’s glorious science-fiction filled with wonder and mystery 😉 There are stories and ideas nestled in Exhalation’s pages that stick with you long after you’ve finished reading 🙈 Chiang has breathed life into the science-fiction genre, creating stories that feel refreshing and human rather than concerning distant worlds and ideas that can lead to a disconnect. The source material for Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival is his story Story of Your Life. [1]
It’s 1912; Edwin St. Andrew (18 years old) is traveling across the Atlantic. He was exiled from England society. After arriving in British Columbia, Edwin St. Andrew is taken aback by the Canadian forest. The forest is still and silent until the sounds of the violin echo through the air. Olive Llewelyn, a renowned author, is now travelling across the globe two centuries later. She’s on an escape from her second moon colony home. Her bestselling novel features a character who plays a guitar to make spare change while waiting in an airship terminal. A forest surrounds him. This captivating novel transports the reader to parallel worlds with multiple possibilities. Brandom Culver updated this version on September 17, 20,21 [2]
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This article is based on a brand new article by, ever since cyberpunk and Frank Miller’s run on Batman in the 1980s, it feels like the entire field of science fiction has lurched somewhat towards an aesthetic of grim realism. It is an angry, dark place where horrible things occur and the world seems meaningless. There’s no shortage of genuinely insightful, good books that adopt that mindset, such as Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon or Paolo Bacigalupi’s relentlessly bleak The Windup Girl or The Water Knife. And that’s before you get to the superhero films (at least up until Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor: Ragnarok). Last edited by Laguan Worley, Rizhao (China) 25 days ago [3]
Image #3 goes on to explain how when Pell’s World turns out to be the home of the gentle, sentient Hisa, it is in no one’s interest to oust them. After all, space is huge. But trouble is brewing across Earth’s colonies, political decay at home is loosening the Company’s grip on its more distant worlds and thousands of human refugees are turning up on the surface of the Hisa’s previously untrammelled home. Cherryh’s novels are well-known for their meticulous research. Cherryh is not going to make it easy for you, though. She has the gift of creating complex, engaging, and captivating storytelling that seems effortless. [4]
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A few days before social distancing began as a response to COVID-19 (the new coronavirus), I had an urge purchase. Into my virtual cart went one of those pet backpacks—the ones with the clear domes that make your cat look like an astronaut. Since it arrived, I have been using it daily to make my cat a space-faring feline while we explore the empty spaces around our apartment. It is a pleasure for her. So do I. In the moment, it’s not hard to imagine that we’re walking the grounds of a distant, unknown planet. Our walks are almost adventures—pleasant little escapes from unease, anxiety and isolation. Maybe you’re looking for that kind of escape too. It’s possible that you yearn for an escape to another part of the galaxy, or even a trip through time and place. You may not need to engage in high-stakes intergalactic war or earthbound dystopias. You’re in luck. These 20 feel-good science fiction books will suit different tastes and moods, but they’re all comfort food of some variety. This was pointed out by Torey Li, which we appreciate. [5]
Danya Faust says at, this book kicked off Asimov’s genre-defining Foundation series by positing a world in which a huge Galactic Empire teeters on the brink of destruction. Mathematician Hari Seldon can accurately predict the Empire’s impending downfall and the millenium-spanning darkness it will bring about. Seldon alone has the power to change the Empire’s course — not to save it, exactly, but to limit the fallout (props to Asimov for keeping it real on this front). Henceforth he devises the intergalactic “Foundations”: two groups of scientists and engineers who attempt to preserve civilization and, in the process, instigate a new sort of empire themselves. [6]

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