What Is A Good Source Of Energy Class 10? (Solved)

Question 6What is the limit to extracting energy from (a) wind?(b) Waves?(c) Tides? Wind energy farms are only possible in areas where winds blow for the majority of the year.(iii) To generate electricity, the wind must be steady and strong. For a wind generator to work well, the minimum wind speed is 15km/h. However, this isn’t always the case.(iii) ๐Ÿ™ˆ Wind energy farms need large areas of land.Wind energy farms are very costly to set up.๐Ÿ˜Š [1]
3. Hydro Power Plant Hydro Energy: The water that is flowing through a river is kept in a dam high enough to allow it to drop from its top. Large water Lurbines can be driven by the water that rushes to the surface. These turbines have electric generators, which produce electric current. Hydroelectricity, or hydel energy is the name for this electricity. The process also involves the transference potential energy of the water into kinetic energyโ€™ and then into electric energy.It is the most conventional renewable energy source obtained from water falling from a great height.It is clean and nonpolluting source of energy.Dams are constructed to collect water flowing in high altitude river. This is The stored water Potent energy has lots of potential. When water falls from heights, it becomes kinetic energy. Kinetic energy turns turbines into electricity. Shunte Camp is truly appreciated for all their comments. [2]
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Ans. The available energy sources are rapidly diminishing due to rising energy demand. Large-scale combustion of fossil fuels is creating a lot of unwanted gases and particles in the atmosphere. These gases, such as SO2, NO2, are responsible for a lot of pollution in the air. Acid rain This is degrading monuments, iron articles and bridges. This is the result of CO2 being released into the atmosphere causing green Global warming is being caused by the house effect, which leads to melting of ice. Sea-level rises will cause more submergence in coastal areas. We should seek out alternative sources of energy to reduce our energy consumption. Tasheena Schwartz, September 16, 2021. [3]
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There are two renewable energy sources for energy are : โ†’ Sun: The energy derived from the Sun is known as solar energy. The fusion and fusion of hydrogen with helium or other heavy elements into solar energy produces the sun’s light. There is a lot of hydrogen as well as helium in the Sun. There are billions of years left for the Sun to burn. So solar energy can still be used as a renewable source. โ†’ Wind: Wind energy is derived from fast blowing air. Windmills harness wind energy to produce electricity. Air blows because of uneven heating Earth. Because the earth’s heating will never stop, wind energy will be also available for ever. Last revised by Shanice Romano, Shijiazhuang (China) 54 days ago [4]
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