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[SOLVED!] What Is A Good Winter Food Plot For Deer?

As the rut transitions into the post rut, and the procession from the post rut into the late season blurs, hunters are often left with only one hunting strategy 🙈 When the temperature plummets head to the food…It is in this transition period and for the next two months that most hunters either count their blessings for putting the time in on food plots, or feel the horrible regret once their bucks exit their property for the neighbourr’s buffet 😊 If it’s the latter, than your worst fears of your hit-list buck draped over a tailgate in a text from your neighbourr will become very real 😊 Late season and winter hunting strategies outright depend upon food…tons and tons of food. I am happy to offer advice and tips for both the unprepared and prepared hunters.
Every area of modern living has seen advances made by science and technology. This innovation is evident in hunting when you look at all the new guns, bows and rifles that hunters have each year. Today’s hunter has more choices in their hunting clothes and gear than any previous generation. They have many options when it comes to what kind of seed or fertilizer to use to draw and maintain deer to their property. The hunter’s that educate themselves as to the best available food plot options for their particular location can ensure that the deer will gravitate to their deer plots in the fall and utilize it through the winter. No matter if one’s a manager or hunter who has a small area to plant, the goal is to draw deer to that location by fertilizing and planting seeds in order to provide the best food for them during the winter and fall. We are grateful to Danee Ferreira, Sanaa (Yemen) for sharing this information with us.
Image #2 goes on to explain that it doesn’t take long for a year to come and go. Although it seems only yesterday that we have had been discussing ways to deal with the offseason blues and we’re now nearing the end of the summer, opening day is just a few weeks away. Although it may seem impossible, the time has come to get out that old tractor and start planting your fall food plots. While these are sometimes considered “icing on the cake”, they are absolutely vital for many hunters with a common sense backed strategy. This is the category of hunters we belong to. Fall food plots, and food plots in the south…particularly a small slice of heaven called Booger Bottom Georgia, is critical for our hunting season. Check out Michael Waddell’s take on fall food plots and keep reading for some insight on how to perfect this tactic! We are grateful to Neely Rapp, Changsha (China) for sharing this information with us.
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For many reasons, annuals work best in procrastinator areas. The weeds can be more dangerous to perennials than they are for annuals. In harsher conditions, perennials are more likely to forage less. An annual is generally more suited for temperatures below freezing. They can also be used to produce large quantities of food in short time periods. Because most food plots in the area are small, this is a good idea for hunters. This will reduce the likelihood of people browsing too much. However, perennials are slower than ever if you procrastinate about planting your food plot. Planting perennials at the last moment is a bad idea. Solid food plots programs should include both the male and female members of each plant family. But it’s usually best to plant annuals when time is an issue. These are the top five options to plant last-minute plots.
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