What Is A Logical Architecture? [Solved]

This is the lowest level of abstraction, so it is very detail oriented 🔥 It concerns itself with specific products, data representations, and other technical notions 👍 This is because when designing Physical architecture diagrams the purpose is to enable the real life implementation of a specific technology solution. These diagram objects serve as guides for those who actually put together the system. Diagram objects can be used to refer to real-life software models, servers, CRM systems and network capabilities. It is the lowest abstraction level, and is therefore very detailed oriented. This area is concerned with particular products and data representations as well as other technical concepts. Because Physical architecture diagrams are designed to facilitate the implementation of specific technologies, this is why they have been so important. The diagram objects act as a guide to the actual team putting together the system. Diagram objects can be used to refer to real-life software models, CRM systems and network capabilities.
Logical Architecture Model Development may be used as a task of the activity “Develop candidate architectures models and views,” or a sub-process of the System Architecture Definition process System Architecture. This is where you can find models and views for the functionality and behaviourr of the future engineered systemengineered system As it should work in service. A set of technical concepts and principles are used to support the logic operation of an engineered system. This is the logical architecturelogical architectural model. It may include a functional architecturefunctional architecture view, a behavioral architecturebehavioral architecture view, and a temporal architecturetemporal architecture view. Other additional views are suggested in architecture frameworksarchitecture frameworks, depending on the domain.
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Based on an Article from datasciencecentral.comText documentation can usually be produced faster than other types of documentation. However, unless there’s an architectural standard to guide the format, they can and will vary between systems teams. It can be difficult for artifacts created by this kind of variation to be understood outside the group it was originally written with. It is possible to not have a great deal of developer movement between teams. Also, it can be hard to make sure that every part or connection between the parts is properly accounted for. Melva Chapell edited this article on November 11, 20,21
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I was born 11 years ago. worked on the advertising platform Tudou was also my client and I did some work related to the Content Delivery Network (CDN). The service I was working on at that point had a lighttpd + Squid + Tomcat architecture. This architecture divided the static resources into httpd. I used squid to get requests. For intelligent routing and tomcat to provide services, it used HTTPPOST requests. This was what I considered “the” architecture at the time. Later on, having done basic setup related to video CDN, it became clear that I believed I was actually doing architecture. It was not clear to me at the time what architecture meant. Genny Huston, Louisville, United States is a great source of information.
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