What Is A Mala Used For? (SOLVED!)

“Mala beads meaning” is a common google search phrase, and one that we’d like to help you unpack 🙌 The meaning of these is deeply symbolic and spiritual, and can vary for each person and purpose 🙈 But using malas in meditation and yoga practice can aid in concentration and mindfulness. Although 108 beads make up a mala, there are several theories. One believes that the one symbolizes God and the zero is for humility. The eight is the symbol of infinity. Many others believe that malas can become the intention of the wearer and that this is what creates energy and synergy.
Your mala may need to be cleaned from time-to-time if it is used frequently. This can be done by soaking the mala in warm, soapy water. If you prefer, add mild soap. Allow the beads to soak for at least an hour, but some recommend that you leave it indefinitely. To scrub the beads, use a soft brush. Let dry. You can brush the mala with sandalwood or coconut oil after cleaning. Oiling will make the beads strong and they have won’t dry out. You may want to refresh the tassel if your mala has been well-loved. To do this, simply wet the strands and run a small comb along them.
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The traditional way to hold malas is in your right hand with your middle finger covered. Meditation begins with the counter bead placed next to the Guru. The counter beads are held between your thumb and middle fingers. Each repetition is completed by the thumb pulling the nearest counter bead across the middle finger. The index finger does not touch the mala as it represents one’s ego (believed to be the greatest obstacle in attaining enlightenment). One can end the meditation at the final counter bead or go in the opposite direction. We are grateful to Morio Pessoa from Brazil, for his insight.
Traditionally a mala—which means “garland”—has 108 beads strung together and one “guru bead,” which is larger than the rest. As a place mark, the guru bead can be used by the fingers to locate the start or end of the necklace during meditation and mantra chanting. Some bead types have special, or slightly different-shaped beads that are placed next to every 27th. This makes it more intuitive. keep track This is the mantra. You’ll often also find bracelets and decorative necklaces with 54 or 27 beads, half and a quarter of the 108 respectively. Malas can be made from a wide range of materials, including seeds, wood, crystals, stones and pearls. Last edited by Aisa Hollingsworth, Vale Do Aco Brazil.
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