what is a pedestal system?

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Where a natural wood deck is preferred, structural Ipe wood pavers supported by pedestals can be a god option 👍 However these days, in many urban locations, there are increasingly stringent fire regulations that need to be taking into account which may restrict the area that can be laid with wood pavers, or in some circumstances, may entirely prohibit the use of such roof pavers 😁 It’s worth noting that with porcelain pavers, not only are they totally fire resistant but they are also completely frostproof so can be used in regions where freeze thaw /cracking may be a problem 🔥 Porcelain pavers can be used in areas where water is a problem. They are also extremely stain-resistant and impervious to moisture. The visual differences between porcelain and natural wood planks are very small with the most recent designs and formats for porcelain pavers. [1]
The pedestal is very easy to set up and can be used for any type of terrace. The pedestals don’t need to be fixed, they just have to be put down on the ground spacing them homogeneously. The tile and joist type will affect the distance between each pedestal. The pedestal is also held in place by its grooves that lock into the ground. The adjustment system is also very simple to use, through a nut which adjust the height.With two systems called « EASY CREW » and « CLICK OFF » the desired height is maintained and the charge adjustment is possible. Because of their ease-of-use, professionals and individuals can install pedestals. The pedestals have become more common. The pedestal makes it possible to create the terrace of your dreams in a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to tedious work! Last edited by Khristy Fereira, Hohhot (China) [2]
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