What Is A Russian Blue Cats Temperament? [RESOLVED]

A good grooming routine will ensure that your Russian Blue cat requires minimal care and attention. There are several necessary items for keeping a cat comfortable after adoption, such as investing in a toothbrush and cat-safe toothpaste (you can find these items for purchase at your local pet store or online) to keep her teeth clean and white, and a medium-toothed comb to keep her double coat smooth and luxurious 🙈 One important piece of Russian blue cat breed information is that these kitties love mealtime, so make sure that she doesn’t overeat 😊 She probably asks for food multiple times a day, but remain firm and stick to regularly scheduled feedings, using measured amounts of cat food, and avoid too many cat treats 🤓
British cat lovers first encountered what we call the Russian Blue as the Archangel Cat. As a competitor in the nation’s very first cat show, the’s having breed made an entrance befitting its regal air. It was not often victorious against other short-haired blue cats, such as the British Blue. The Governing Council for the Cat Fancy (GCCF), officially recognised the breed in 1912. It’s also giving it a separate classification. Russian Blues were one of the many endangered breeds during World War II. These cats are now very popular with American cat lovers and American breeders.
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Russian Blue is strong and muscular, has firm muscles and good looks. Physically, it is in the same breed category as the Korat or Oriental Shorthair. It’s long, sleek, and elegant. The cat is medium in size and has a compact musculature. The cat’s neck can be seen when fully extended and in motion. But the thick fur covering it and the high-set shoulder blades make it appear as though the neck is very short.
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Elisabeth Stark (chair of the Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland) adores the calm, laid-back beauty. Although they may be timid around strangers, they love their owners and are affectionate. They love to watch television with me, which is something I love. Their needs are to be their own people and they enjoy meeting new people. But once they’re have finding someone they like, they will love you!
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