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What Is A Russian Tradition On Christmas Eve? [SOLVED]

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Russian heritage may make you curious as to how your Russian ancestors celebrate Christmas. This information will help you understand your ancestors’ lives, beliefs, and the kind of person they were. This information is vital for genealogists to have about their ancestors. It helps us to connect with them over long periods of time and even decades. Holidays and religious practices are two of very few. Things that can connect people They are hundreds of years apart, because they seldom change or only do very little. These are the most significant things you need Learn more about Russian Christmas customs passed down from your forefathers. Amy Reed (Cologne, Germany) added the following information on December 5, 2021
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Eliot Saucedo at russianamericancompany.comThis is how the Father begins Christmas dinner by leading his family in the Lord’s Prayer. It’s a prayer to thank God for all the blessings received in the previous year, and also for the promise of good times in the New Year. The “Christ is Born” greeting from the head of the family goes to all present. The traditional Russian Christmas greeting is “Christ is Born!” and the family replies with “Glorify him!” Next, she draws a cross of honey with the Mother on every person’s forehead and says a blessing: “In The Name of Father and Son and of God!” Holy Spirit“May you enjoy sweetness and many other good things this year.” Once the Lenten bread is finished, it’s broken and shared. First, dip the bread in honey to represent sweetness in life. Then, add chopped garlic to signify bitterness. After dinner, the “Holy Supper” is served. The Christmas gifts are then opened and no dishes were washed after dinner. For the Christmas Mass, which runs until midnight, the entire family travels to church. Last modified by Karlesha Bateman, London Ca Canada.
Kirt U. Kirt U. Travelallrussia.comThe leader explains that before they start, the kolyadary meet in one location, usually a group of children and teens. In the evening, they travel from house to house, reporting on their arrival. When he approaches a house, the leader informs him of the arrival. Then he asks the homeowner if they are willing to let kolyada in and whether or not a permit is granted. Give gifts All who were there. After the permission is received, the main rite begins — the well-wishing to the owner of the house. The kolyadary will thank the owner for their gift, and leave a small treat out in the garden. They perform special Christmas carols when guests are invited. Last edited by Dannette Jeffers, Rustenburg (South Africa), 5 days ago
Orthodox Christians view Christmas as the second most significant holiday, after Easter. This includes fasting between November 28 and January 6. On the night from January 6 to 7 believers should visit the “nightlong vigil” and pray all night long. If they cannot attend the vigil themselves, they watch it on television: some state channels broadcast the liturgy from Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Russians don’t follow this tradition, but they should make a Christmas dinner. Almetra Goldsmith, Leon De Los Aldamas Mexico, for sharing this information.
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