What Is A Waxed Apple? (SOLVED)

After the apples are harvested they are taken to the packing shed where they are cleaned to remove debris such as leaves 🙌 Australian apple packing sheds comply with all relevant food safety and hygiene standards to ensure consumers can confidently enjoy the safest fresh produce possible – cleaning fruit is part of these standards 🙈 The apple is cleaned of any naturally-occurring wax. After the process is complete, the thin layer is applied with the appropriate wax to the apples’ surface. This can be done by either brushing, spraying or dipping the fruits in the replacement wax. This layer of wax can be almost invisible to the naked eye. Only one to two drops are required to completely cover an apple. Although most apples are waxed in Australia, you can still find unwaxed ones. [1]
Take an apple straight from the tree and polish it. It will sparkle! That’s because the fruit is coated with a layer of natural wax that protects it from drying out and helps to prevent fungi from getting a foothold. A mixture of more than fifty compounds make up the wax, which falls under the category of esters. Other alcohols include malol and heptacosanol. Hydrocarbons can be found such as C30H62 triacontane. It can be extracted from petroleum, and sometimes added to fruits to replace its natural wax. Chemophobes will scream that a petroleum derivative is being applied to their fruits. However, there are no differences between triacontane made from an apple and one extracted from petroleum. This was brought to our attention by Ritchie Pappas, Columbus, United States. [2]
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Kerry Pickett at food.ndtv.comExplains how apples contain high amounts of water. However, they produce wax that coats and protects fruit from moisture loss. The growers clean the apples after they are taken from their farms to get rid of any field dirt and leaf litter. It is also washed to remove any natural wax. These sellers or growers apply an edible synthetic wax coat to replace the’s losing natural wax. This gives the apples a shiny, more polished look. The wax coating will seal in moisture and prolong the fruit’s life. Waxed apples are so fresh and new that it is hard to tell the difference between fresh and a seasoned one. Year old! According to the US Food and Drug AdministrationThe law allows apple growers to apply a limited amount of wax to their fruit. It is impossible to know how much wax was actually applied in order to extend the fruit’s life span. These waxes are known as edible coating. Tres Gilliam, our thanks for sharing this information. [3]
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However, it was evident that novelty is deceiving. A letter to the editor followed, from California’s Brogdex Company. “Waxing processes for fresh fruits and vegetables are not new by any means,” Brogdex pointed out. “Our company originated and pioneered such processes, and we are now in our 28th year.” The Brogdex Company was eager to set Ernest Brogden was the original U.S. Patent holder for waxing, and he had set the standard in terms of the fruit’s longevity. He filed it in 1922. Brogden’s original wax-and-kerosene mixture created “a film-like waxy coating that … Maintains the fruit in its original firm, plump, and fresh condition for relatively long periods of time.” (last edited 99 days ago by Kelisha Heaton from Huaibei, China) [4]
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Keep in mind that apples can still live after they’re picked. Protects the fruit from damage by its waxy skin. It can sometimes appear milky, but the waxy layer on the apple’s skin protects it. Dozen chemical groups. Urosolic acid is the main cyclic ingredient in apple fruit wax. It is water-resistant and highly resistant to moisture. Research has shown that ursolic acid is capable of inhibiting various types of cancer cells and can serve as a starting material for synthesis of more potent bioactive compounds such as antitumor agents.” (last emended 38 days ago by Sebrina Brunner from Anqiu, China) [5]

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