What Is Adequan For Cats? [SOLVED]

I’ve never tried it out on eyes, and I’m waiting for more of a consensus on that front before mixing it into eye drops myself (though a quick search on VIN showed that vets out there are using it with some success) 🙌 I do, however, use it in my feline patients to manage their arthritis and to reduce the symptoms associated with many urinary conditions 🙌 I’ve been using it for years in this way and always thought it had made at least a slight difference. In fact, some cats experienced such a tremendous benefit, I’ve taken to trying it out on all of my arthritic kitties and inflamed feline urinary tracts. [1]
PSGAG can help with OA. After being injected, PSGAG gets distributed to the cartilage and joint fluid. PSGAG acts by blocking enzymes responsible for cartilage loss. This slows down the process of cartilage degradation in OA joints. PSGAG reduces inflammation, which can be a major source of pain for OA patients. PSGAG aids in cartilage healing and provides the body with building blocks for cartilage. This medication also improves joint fluid consistency, which can help with joint mobility and joint lubrication. It is also beneficial for cats suffering from OA. Charletta Spaulding is our thanks for sharing this with us. [2]
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There are many radiographic signs that indicate OA in cats. Several studies show a mismatch in the results of orthopedic and radiographic exams in cats. A study of cat cadavers showed that joints with the highest likelihood of having cartilage damage were the stifle (coxofemoral), elbow and tarsal. The best way to show bone changes is with radiographs. However, changes in cartilage or synovium can’t be seen on simple radiographs. It is rare to see joint effusions, or the thickening and swelling of joints. Bony signs that are common include osteophyte growth, subchondral swelling, bone erosion, and changes in the congruity between articular surfaces. It is possible to have soft tissue swelling surrounding the joint. Lumbosacral OA can be caused by the L7–S1 disk space collapse, sclerosis and spondylosis. Lamond Loyd was a great source of information. [3]
According to Dr. Patty Khuly, Adequan has many benefits that outweigh the few side effects or contraindications. Adequan has blood-thinning effects, which means that cats who have blood clotting disorders should not be given this medication. Adequan should not be used if surgery is imminent. The injection site may experience some swelling or pain. There are also possible signs of inflammation and pain in the joints. If your cat is suffering from a joint infection, don’t give Adequan. Check with your veterinarian to make sure there are no interactions between medications. [4]

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