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Rather than just being a part of African fashion, jewelryas different meanings, especially African beads, which come in a wide variety of colors πŸ™Œ Different colors mean different things, relating to things like social status and wealth πŸ‘ For tribal celebrations, celebrations, and rites-of-passage, red beads are used πŸ€“ Black beads signify age and knowledge. Yellow beads identify someone who has a high rank. Gold is used for long lives. Bone jewelrylso identifies a person’s social status, as each piece is created from an animal that has been killed for food. An individual with lots of bone jewelleryry can be considered rich. [1]
The continent of Africa was the home of humanity and human civilization. The continent is the origin of jewelryaking and wear. Beads were first made in Kenya more than 40,000 years back from different materials. Most commonly, they have were made with wood and other stones. The African craftsmen developed new techniques for making jewelrywhich are still some of the finest in the world. Blombos cave, on the south tip of South Africa was where the oldest African jewelryas found. They are believed to have over 75 500 pieces. Years old They are mostly pea-sized shell beads or mollusc shell beads and were probably pierced many years ago. [2]
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Analysts from interesting-africa-facts.comBeautiful beadwork is created by many African tribes. Zulu jewelleryry is made from long-standing traditions. The designs of Zulu bead jewelryonvey valuable information about the wearer. A necklace might indicate the origin of the wearer or their family. MaasaI had jewelrys made using strict tribal guidelines regarding the design and colours. Maasai women wearing very beautiful beaded jewelleryry on special occasions such as weddings. The Pokot Women tribe who live Kenyan and Ugandan women are well-known for their beautiful beaded collars. Turkana women, who are from Kenya’s Rift Val Province, have beadwork on their necks that indicates their social standing. The extraordinary beaded crowns worn by Yoruba Kings of Nigeria are well-known. Geniffer Stacy is a nice one for the most current revisions. [3]
Tiffani Simms jewelsforme.comThis article describes the tendency of tuareg jewelryry to be bold and geometric. The design is usually large and symmetrical. After puberty, the Tuareg Cross can be passed from fathers to their children. The four pointed silver cross is composed of four parts that represent all four corners of the globe. Muslim Tuaregs hold that the arms and cross of the Cross will extinguish evil. These crosses are distinguished by their strong, geometric shapes. Work on the body The pendants are decorated with small engravings and bold settings. They can be used as earrings for ladies in the modern age. Although these designs are classic, they are still popular on the modern market. Silver beads and pendants are traditionally made by melting Some commercial jewelryorkshops make copies of tribal jewelrysing sheet metal, while others take down coins. [4]

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