(SOLVED) What Is Airwash In A Stove?

This device is intended to ensure that the flames don’t stick to the glass. An airwash system keeps the stove glass clean. It does this by a drawing air (washing) over the window, this helps to keep the smoke and gasses away from the glass and keeps them in the stove burn chamber 🙌 Stoves without airwash tend to get tar deposited on the glass, causing the glass to darken and become black over time 😎 Good air-wash systems a great at this task and keep the glass clear for weeks of 24 hour a day usage 🔥 [1]
These are all important considerations to make before making your purchase. A Stovax dealer will guide you through the choices to help you find the stove that is not only a welcome and warm feature for your home, but also a great addition to your heating system. Stovax is a national network of dealers that have stoves on display in their showrooms. This allows you to get an actual feel for the end result. Stovax dealers can recommend reliable local installers so that you are able to relax and reap the benefits of a wood burning stove. [2]
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Reese Lentz, thestoveyard.comAirwash is typically delivered by Secondary air, or top air. This secondary air is diverted through a baffle that runs along the front edge of the glass. It can be seen clearly at the top of many fire chambers. Air is heated It is heated up before being drawn into the fire room to fuel the fire. Then it passes across the Airwash baffle to pass through the top and then draws down to the front of hot glass in order to remove any particulates that have settled during the burning cycle. The majority of stoves only have airwash at the top. But Hwam premium woodburners, such as the Hwam, also have tall windows that are air-washed from both the sides and the top. Gypsy Torrez (Beirut, Lebanon), last edited on 4/02/2017 [3]
A air washing system is a device that is used on our Stoves to keep the glass cleaner when you are burning a fire. Many stoves have an adjustable air wash system that allows air to flow into the stove. This system works by allowing air to be taken in from the stove top and heated. Then it passes through the front glass of the stove to maintain the flames. Smoke away from the glass keeping the glass cleaner and free from soot and tar build Up. If you take a closer look at the Firefox 12 Multi Fuel Stove picture, you’ll see that there is a handle in the upper right-hand corner. This is the Air Wash Control. It’s moves leaving or right to adjust the secondary air flow to the stove. These controls can be adjusted so that you can change the settings to suit your needs. Fuel you are burningIn general, if you’re burning wood need the air wash to be open just above ½ and the air intake around half open this is the ideal setting for burning wood if the door does start to soot up its normally due to damp wood just open air intake and adjust air wash slightly.For Coal use we tend to suggest air wash set at ¼ to ½ and the air intake to be closed to around ¼ depending on the type of coal used. These are only experimental guides and are subject to airflow around the stove so don’t be afraid to alter either setting of the stove to obtain best heat and effiency. (last emended 9 days ago by Jerrie Dye from Puyang, China) [4]

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