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What Is Amelia Earhart Known For? [Solved]

Earhart’s father was a railroad lawyer, and her mother came from an affluent family 😁 While still a child, Earhart displayed an adventurous and independent nature for which she would later become known 😎 After the death of her grandparents, the family struggled financially amid her father’s alcoholism 😊 Earhart’s family moved several times and Earhart graduated from high school in Chicago in 1916. Earhart attended the Ogontz School, Rydal, Pennsylvania, after her mother got her inheritance. Amelia became interested in helping wounded soldiers during a Canadian visit. World War I. In 1918 she’s leavingaving junior college to become a nurse’s aide in Toronto. [1]
Earhart flew her last flight on June 1, 1937 from Miami. Earhart hoped to be the first woman in the world to circumnavigate all of the earth. Amelia did not complete her flight. Amelia lost radio contact on July 2 and rescue efforts began instantly. Amelia never was found, despite it becoming one of the longest air and sea searches in naval history. Amelia wrote to her husband in a letter, “Please understand that I am fully aware of the risks.” Her words are saying that she wants to accomplish it “because I want to.” It is up to women to try the same things that men do. If they fail, it should be a learning opportunity for others. Sherlyn Maguire (Tengzhou, China), last edited this article 1 day ago [2]
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Jess William of biography.comEarhart was born in Kansas on July 24, 1897. Earhart spent most of her childhood living in the middle-class family of her maternal grandparents. Earhart was born to Amelia Otis Otis. She married Edwin Earhart, a man with great potential but who could not break the chains of alcohol. Edwin Earhart sought to prove his worthiness. Career Put the family on solid financial footing. Amy would drive Earhart, her sister Muriel and their family to their grandparents’ house whenever the had situation gotten dire. They explored the area, climbing trees and hunting rats, as well as taking incredible rides in Earhart’s sled. This was modified by Myishiachastain on February 5, 20,21 [3]
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The native of landlocked Kansas had gotten hooked on flying while attending an airshow in the Toronto area, where she’s havingaving moved to work as a nurse’s aide during World War I. She also served as a volunteer during the 1918 influenza pandemic. She takingking flewsons in California and set a women’s altitude record of 14,000 feet in 1922, but wasn’t yet committed to a career as an “aviatrix.” Classes on health and medicine at Columbia University were followed by a period as a social worker in Boston. Flying on her own, she’s becomingming the only woman member of a local pilots’ association. This was followed by a period as a social worker in Boston. Money for the settlement house Her work place. Hannah O. Revised the above. (revised by Hannah O. [4]
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