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When you disconnect with someone on social media, you might say that you’ve “unfriended” them 🤓 The now-common word was even the New Oxford American Dictionary Word of the Year in 2009 😊 But it turns out that “unfriend” is much older than you might expect. The Globe and Mail reports that the Oxford English Dictionary, which began in 1629, contains several instances of the word “unbefriended”. Thomas Fuller, however, used the term as it is today in 1659. Fuller stated in his book The Appeal of Injured Innocence that he hoped, “Sir, I hope we’re not mutually unfriended by the Difference between us.” [1]
The Barry White of the sea, fin whales are the Barry White. To attract females, males can use their deep bellowing vocalizations to make a sound that is loud and clear. considered to be the loudest of all marine life Scientific American states that they are able to be heard “up to 1,000 km (600 miles), away.” The sound of a fin whale’s song can be heard at depths up to 2.5 km (1.6 miles), which allows researchers to accurately measure the ocean floor. Science 2021 published an article that demonstrated how the fin whale song could be much more valuable and less harmful. sea life A large airgun is a better option than a small one, as this is what most researchers use. Takiya unger (Meknes, Morocco), last edited this page 68 days back [2]
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In 1934 Webster’s Second New International Dictionary contained the nonexistent “dord”, after someone had misread an Austin M. Paterson note, Webster’s former editor in chemistry. Grammarly explains that “the had note” stated “Dord or d,” which refers to the lowercase D (or D) being used to abbreviate density. “Dord,” which means “density,” was the result of the renaming of “D” or d to “dord”. The error was noticed by Webster’s editor five years later. Other dictionary editors repeated it, which allowed the word, “Dord”, to haunt English for much too long. Last modified by ArelisCoats, Nasiriyah (Iraq) 83 days ago [3]
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It is one of the most prestigious. things about being a human being is collecting all kinds of random knowledge and trivia throughout our lives. Random fun facts These are perfect for impressing someone, breaking the ice and even winning at a pub quiz. These little bits of fascinating information aren’t necessarily useful. These random facts will blow your mind. These 50 Amazingly Strange Facts Will Have You Questioning Everything. [4]
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