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What Is An Expedited Irb Review? [SOLVED!]

An expedited review process may be used by the IRB to examine minor modifications in research approved during the initial approval period. The IRB chairperson may review research under an expedited review process. One or more IRB members with experience can also be involved in the review. The reviewer(s) may exercise all the authorities of the IRB, except disapproval 😊 Research may only be disapproved following review by the full committee 🤓 All members of the IRB are required to be informed about research projects that were approved through expedited review. [1]
Exemplary examples: (a. Hair and nail trimmings done in a clean manner;(b. Deciduous teeth after exfoliation, or when routine patient care indicates the need for removal; (c. Permanent teeth) If routine patient care indicates the need for an extraction, (e. Uncannulated saliva, collected in either an unstimulated mode or stimulated with chewing gumbase, wax, or applying a dilute citric liquid to the tongue; f. Placenta removed [2]
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Shemeka Luke We can obtain additional information. Federal regulations that require IRB review acknowledged the fact that not all research is worthy of full board approval. Sometimes a protocol requires IRB approval, but the risk level in the protocol can be considered low enough that the review can still be completed quickly. A key component of determining if a protocol is at minimal risk is the first step in defining an expedited protocol to the Social and Behavioral Sciences. If the protocol meets the definition for minimal risk in addition to the expedited categories defined by OHRP, the Board can expedite a protocol’s review. [3]